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Ruggiero explosion when consultations on a gesture of Fair Play Marcelo Bielsa


Leeds United, the second division of English football, led by Marcelo BielsaDrew 1-1 with Aston Villa and ran chance to climb right into the premiership & # 39; er-league. However, the football world repeated the gesture of Fair Play, which was the Argentine DT with the opposing team and debates followed: Var & # 39; yat He called on his players to stay in the draw for the game opening marker was given as a rival player lying on the grass.

The program 90 minutes They took what happened to Bielsa and advice Ruggiero, Discussion of the participants television program about his opinion about that.

"good heavens! "She started Ruggeri, gestures of indignation, to hear the introduction of the driver Sebastian Vignolo on this issue. After the chicken endorse the position Bielsa to return the ball to the opponent opinionated He began to laugh uncontrollably.

"People do banking, because if a person throws his purse, and I see him, go and give it backI go to the bank and the tail does not accept my name, and I'm going for a manager, That honesty"Said former player 57 years.

True to his style, the champion of one thousand nine hundred eighty-six world has made it clear its position with an ironic example. "I tell you the truth, when he & # 39; was all that I remembered the goal Diego to England. We say, "Look, if you did it manually, let us aim, because we associate"And he told us not to do so. We are, as we have seen, we do not allow the goal and said: "Let's beat them, then." Diego was dishonest, if we asked, and we thought,I was wrong in the locker room the same day. I went to the concentration and shut himself up in a room on the other side, because you can not (win) as well. it's not fair"He said with a smile.

Of course, while his companions laughed, then opinionated It exploded and closed his idea with a strong phrase. "Nha Verseen No more, please. Captain of the team ran out and wanted to be back it was hotThey do not teach us that when we play football, we want to win. Do not give me that. I am honest in my life, as my mother taught me, now I'm worse than a freak football there"He concluded.

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