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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 release date and replaces physical buttons with new technology


S-Pen Galaxy Note 9

Samsung, which is delayed indefinitely launch fold Galaxy, Is scheduled for May 3 due to a problem on the screen continues to work on their new smartphones. The South Korean company, after the presentation Galaxy A80, its first smartphone with reversing camerahe has hands on the Galaxy Note 10That could Releases to the 4th different versions, Apparatus and release date and replace physical buttons with new technology.

According to the Korean average investorSamsung set Launching Galaxy Note 10 for the month of August, but will go on sale in SeptemberThat is, a source close to the power source said that "mass production Note 10 It is scheduled to begin in early August"And that" the smartphone will hit the market at the end of this month or in early SeptemberDepending on the region. "

The same source also said that the Galaxy Note 10 I set to include a hole in the screensuch as Galaxy S10, has already been discussed in Andro4allexcept configuration triple rear chamberEven he says that the next Galaxy Note family unit will choose Sensor TOF (time of flight) similar to that observed in Galaxy S10 5G.

Galaxy Note 10 will have a design buttons

Differences between the S-Pen Galaxy Note 9 and feather

From a design standpoint, by ETNews report that Galaxy Note 10 comes to the market with the design of buttons, That is to say, the future of the smartphone of the South Korean company They have no physical buttons on the front or side, Source says that Samsung may use this design to create the ideal of interactivity with the phone.

Instead of physical buttons "company has developed a technology which can enable and disable the power and increase or decrease the volume without touching buttons, all aimed at the screen or sensors"Says the source. Even said that Samsung is considering the deployment of solutions Force touchscreen, although "The only problem is its high cost".

The same source also indicates that Samsung plans to submit the draft buttons future smartphone middle classAs long as it's just a rumor, so you have to accept them as such and wait Rule on Samsung Galaxy Note is expected to launch 10.

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