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Samsung has launched the phone charging the poster as part of reasonable campaign


Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus screen applications

One of the major events that we have seen on the Samsung Galaxy S10 to & # 39 is that The Korean company wanted to give added value to your terminal including the ability to download other wireless communications devices with the new flagship of the company.

That is, we can put any phone, watch or compatible headphones to the fi wireless charging above the terminal, and it is He will be charged from Galaxy S10 battery a very interesting feature that we see for the first time the company. And indeed, this new feature is that you are using Samsung as a teaser to promote their new leader.

"Keep your cell phone here to download it," Samsung is a wonderful poster to promote the Galaxy S10

Samsung has launched an advertising poster Samsung Galaxy S10 most intriguing show us the picture of the terminal and in the field to this, We warn that we can keep it our smartphone wireless charging protocol of J.

Samsung on the & # 39; shew

And the cartel and the terminal itself, this statement is true, since it is the method that you use the Korean company to promote your smartphone and one of its newest features: PowerShare.

And that, as we have said previously, any device that supports wireless charging if the battery can feed Galaxy S10, Yes, with the power of 4.5 watts, so it is not suitable for charging mobile, for example, but a good solution, if desired method.

Samsung is not sew without thread, and the perfect accessory, so you can use Powershare your new wireless headphones, Samsung Galaxy kidneys, a kit supports this type of load, and can not be run on battery power for them every time you have a cell top.

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