Tuesday , December 1 2020

Scratching and itching there is an explanation: to identify the mechanism that causes the brain

A team of scientists identified the brain mechanism that causes people to scratch the skin, a discovery that may help find an effective treatment against chronic itching, According to a study published in the journal neuron.

A team from the Chinese Academy of Sciences headed by Yan-Gang Sun showed that the activities of a small group of neurons located in the Deep brain region called the "gray matter okolovodoprovodnaya"Track the behavior of scratching mice"There is still no effective treatment for chronic itching, which is largely due to our limited knowledge about the neural mechanism known itch," argued Sun

Marijuana experiment on mice

Lead author of the study believed that this discovery gives "a starting point" to find out how itching is processed in the brain. This can be caused by a variety of reasons, including allergic reactions, skin diseases which are irritating chemicals, pests, disease, pregnancy and treatment of cancer.

Scratches cycle, according to experts, can significantly affect the quality of life and Apply sur & # 39; serious damage to the skin and tissues, In his report, the researchers analyzed neurons in freely moving mice that were induced by scratching through the Institute & # 39; ektsyi. Behavior-induced triggered activity of a specific set of neurons.

When the researchers removed these neurons, decreased scratching action significantlyAnd vice versa, the stimulation of the neurons caused spontaneous behavior scratches.


Sun said little about how it evolved chain itching, despite its importance for the survival of animals, as is known. "Itching is key identifying hazardous substances, Especially those that adhered to the skin, "Sun said

In further studies, the Sun and his team plans to investigate which neuronal molecules can be attacked by drugs. "This study will help us to develop new approaches and develop new drugs for the treatment of patients with chronic itch, "he concluded Sun.

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