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Sega continues to bring their games to the PC in 2019


The company seeks to avoid exclusives and expand the West.

Mario Gomez / 29 comments

Yakuza Kiwami 2

2018 fiscal year ended, and companies such as Segal They Renen with investors to discuss their accounts and philosopher for the next year. The report presents some difficulties, but the dome address management plans to take safer in the near future: in 2019, with the & # 39 is centrarn existing IP and continuarn explore ways that have been successful because bring your own games on the PC and grow through Steam. Also briefly noted that trabajarn console "current and new generation" and "other platforms", possibly referring to the PS5 or even stadiums.

Arguing that it seems a bit more than is necessary, if we believe that, despite having achieved an increase in sales profit down for the second year in a row, 70% and up to 23.82 million dollars. Segal justifies this with the & # 39; to the reality of failure calculation, educational games impregnation, delays, market competitiveness and poorly played games in digital format machines and games in Japan.

Last year, Lanza Sega games like Yakuza or Yakuza 0: Kiwami on PC via Steam, a strategy that has helped them to grow in markets where previously Tenan little idea. In addition to the continuation of these efforts, the company also saved IP decades in oblivion with the Mega Drive Mini, and we do not see extraara Mini Saturn in the future.

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