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Sergio Massa: "I'm looking Carrio to sell me a $ 23"


Sergio Massa, Lawyers, politicians and Leader of renovation Front visited communication schoolCandidate for president of the Federal Alternative, sharing space Juan Manuel and Roberto Ertubi Laban, Among other things, he answered questions Students Journalism Editorial Perfil and he used to make fun now known phrase Carrio on the dollar. Also answered questions about Cristina Kirchner, Mauricio Macri, and developed the first steps to do if elected president.

Do you think that the solidarity of the CAC said via Twitter, after the robbery offices with & # 39 is part of a political move?

-And he was seen more global issue of structural problems. As for what is not a political move, if these issues are not trying to seek a second intention with a & # 39; is, because I think that there are issues that need to cross all of us in the logic says, "there is a line that can not be crossed . "In this sense, Margarita saw, Tinelli Christine, each raised this limit should not be crossed, I think it's a positive thing for Argentina.

What do you think about the proposal to eliminate Carrió Deputy Federal Agency of Intelligence and its position on the illegal spying?

-The & # 39; m looking for Carrio to sell dollars at 23 pesos me (laughs). As for the AFI, the problem is that you are using. You can have a hammer for driving nails or break a head. The problem is not the hammer, but the fact that it is used. Argentina should have the intelligence structure to take care of the border, to look at terrorism, the fight against drug trafficking, which tracks money laundering, and the company used as a poster or display for drug money laundering or terrorism. Intelligence needed to know what I think, or do you think more. Regarding the role of the deputy, now he is accused of involvement in the organization of the state and will have to give an explanation as any other.

Sergio Massa origin of the nickname «ventajita», which put Mauricio Macri

When was the last time you spoke with Mauricio Macri? Can you know the cause?

-In July 2016 I was a member, at the head of one of the most important party meetings and called to ask us to turn relative to the bleaching. I said no, we could not punish those who have paid taxes all my life for the good of those who escaped.

You said that money laundering will be tomorrow's new laptops cause based unconstitutionality of decree allowing some application & # 39; and. You plan how to raise this unconstitutional it?

-The unconstitutionality has been raised. We went to the court, if the government has accepted the decision. In the end, it is the court that must decide. If the court decides on the December 11 decree repealing, when we were elected to office.

A few days ago Marcelo Tinelli branded as "super valuable person." How do you think the impact of that evaluation in women voters?

Marcellus made a self-criticism and deconstruction, which speaks well of him. He has shown a willingness to deconstruction on one thing, which was also part of the popular show and put in the context of Argentina today is not the fact that 30 years ago, or what will happen in 30 years. But Tinelli with & # 39 is a valuable type, which showed what happens to him is what happens with the majority of Argentines.

Mass Sergio 03292019
Sergio Massa with school students of the communication profile.

If elected president, how will relations with the IMF?

"I picked up the Fund and investors in Washington that the agreement was unfavorable for Argentina, and if we assume that we will rediscutirlo, because in addition to a change in the agreement will reduce taxes, as required for the re-start production and export of equipment. All this, together with the construction of the economic and social council for economic and social agreement, as well as the definition of public policy 10.

Fontevecchia Massa: "With Laban I have no relationship obstruction"

He also raised the use of the control panel, which controls the management of the quality of the judicial system. What would you include?

There patrimonially judges who can not prove that they were suitable for the position, and yet, still sitting in court. The control panel is fitness. I just put on this board offers. If your time, but without discussing their content. It is this process and review mechanism. Open the door to control the judge for their opinions is a very dangerous door from a political point of view. Government, the mayors, the executive and the legislature do review every two or four years. Judges do the test once and stay for life. This principle should be amended to establish a new every five years will have to pass a test that allows them to continue to move up the court car & # 39; eray, and if you do not pass was sent home. Moreover, manipulation of justice ends.

Marina Diksatis and Gustav Ruff.
(The first year students of journalism – communication school Editorial Perfil)


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