Thursday , November 26 2020

She was sentenced to four years in prison for falsification of brain cancer

A woman aged 36 was sentenced in Britain to four years in prison for lying down with his family & # 39; and her friends adjourned on brain cancer you are cheating 250,000 pounds (278.350 euros) for the course of treatment.

Snaresbrook court sentenced the women who were identified as Jasmin Mister, given the recognized deceived his relatives to make a profit, showing bogus messages from the doctor and a brain scan you loaded with Google.

Mistra lied to her husband first, in 2013, stating that he had cancer, and showing a false message WhatsApp, who allegedly sent by your doctor.

The following false messages specialist, said that he was only an executioner six months if it can not receive medical treatment in the United States is estimated at 500,000 pounds (556.800 euros).

Then her husband touch with family & # 39; and her friends, to try to get donations for the financing of the treatment, allowing him to collect a total of 253.122 pounds (281.901 euros).

The first suspicions of cheating women began when a friend of her husband brain scan found a woman on the Internet. Mystras was arrested in November 2017 and admitted to the police that he did not suffer any terminal illness, and I do not know why he lied.

Police described the conduct of the accused as "strange" and "odd", and said that he did "everything possible to manipulate emotionally and financially" of his relatives, including recorded twenty relatives and eight others outside his family & # 39; and.

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