Tuesday , August 3 2021

Shocking images presenter who suffer a heart attack air (VIDEO)

Video gives worldwide. Turkish television newscaster falls to the floor, because he has a heart attack in the air, doing their work, commenting on the match of Super League in Turkey, when he suddenly stopped and dropped his head on the table to which he was sitting.

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Almost immediately, leading 69 years, he lost his balance and fell from the chair. In the video you can see a sports reporter Sukru Oytan sits with his colleague Guven Sabaz, if suddenly Oytan puts his head on the table in front of him.

You can see leaning panting and Sabaz begins to go to his colleague, but Oytan falls off his chair. According to local media, Oytan had a heart attack, was taken to a local hospital and is reportedly in a stable condition.

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Reports indicate that the pacemaker was placed Oytan only 10 days before the heart attack he suffered arrhythmia. Official statement of the channel said: "Our colleague Sukru Oytan pacemaker was placed in connection with fibrillation 10 days ago, during the program, he felt ill and lost consciousness .." He was immediately taken to hospital. According to doctors, his condition is stable. Our best wishes Oytan and his family & # 39; and ".

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