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«Showmatch 2019": Marcelo Tinelli returned to television comedians among the historical program


When all the holes Showmatch They are special, that promises to be memorable today. Marcelo Tinelli is once again in front of his classical program and because it is the anniversary edition, the debut is even more impressive than their proponents are accustomed to deploy.

Skeet, who opened the first program Showmatch 2019 (Video: «Showmatch» – El Trece)

The program began with parodies of historical films like Noah hard day, Terminator 2, The Untouchables, A Star Is Born and bohemian Rhapsody, All the movies voices have been changed to refer to a program Tinelli.

"Thirty years on television once fulfilled in the lives of three generations …. Children, parents and grandparents years shitting laughing If acordate of blunders, hidden cameras, 30 seconds of fame until he came Bailando And it has changed the whole TV. What's strange is Marcelo, a little boy who came from Bolivar softly whistling …"Said -in a parody, a course- Robert De Niro in untouchablesIf llegabna 16.7 rating points.

Then came the musical opening hand Sofia Morandi and julian Serranowinners dancing 2018With his dance opened the door "Time Travel" where they toured some historical moments Tinelli program.

Julian Serrano and Sofia opened Morandi music segment

Always accompanied by music and a group of dancers who performed various musical pictures, they showed a sketch sports blunders old The rhythm of the night.

The memory of the rhythm of the night

He walked with humor and hidden cameras Videomatch, as Fernandito, embarrassed, BREAKS Pepe, El Payaso Muralito, El show del Chiste and unbearable, Among many others.

Until finally not reached the stage Bailando. Ranking rose to over 20 points.

Tribute Stage «Dancing»

Several female figures of the music world were present at the following table to interpret the sub & # 39 facilities open and close Tinelli program for many years. Patricia Sos, Marcel Morel, Rocio Quiroz, Sandra Mihanovichi, Lucio Gallo, of Florencia Otero, Hilda Lizarazu, Julia Zenko, Celeste Carballo and Melina LezcanoThey deployed all their energy and talent to a small decrease in rankings, up to 19 points.

Cande Tinelli He also attended the opening and was the one who sang a solo. driver's daughter sang his theme of Time To Love, who was opening the curtain of the program in 2016.

Singer recalled the opening and closing curtains Tinelli program

As soon as the music segment made their entry into the program of all comedians, who were part of the program since its inception: Pub Granados, patita Pena, Diego Perez, Teto Medina, Miguel Angel Rodriguez, Lionel Campoy (Boby Homo), Toti Ciliberto, loshermanos Kings, Rodrigo coach, Jorge Corona, Jose Maria Listorti, Kampen, Karna, Larry Clay and Sebastian Almada, Among many others.

Now, yes, the most anticipated moment of the night. As always, comedians and everyone had a "hall" in the middle of the study to allow passage to the star of the night, and television. Tinelli and his trademark with the & # 39; appeared on the scenePlaying with the camera, welcoming everyone, always with a smile on his face. And 20.4 rating pointsHe exclaimed: "Good night, America!"

Tinelli entry into the study

"Many people have not seen them for almost 30 years … 30 years! God! There is so much excitement in the studio. This is a unique night. They do not reach all the vocabulary words to explain the emotions we have"He said, wiping tears from her eyes.

The keynote of the address Tinelli

"Some not & # 39 are no longer here"He said, looking at the comedians around him and said," There's a word I have to repeat that. Thank you, thank you, thank you … I do not want to start to break, but the first image that comes to me with a & # 39 is that my oldI want to thank Dean, Chiquita; Bolivar's time, my town, my city … They taught me to fight for what you want to do not give up. "

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