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«Showmatch 2019": said that Marcelo Tinelli Mauricio Macri and Cristina Kirchner in the first program


Marseille Tinelli Hugo opened his historic season 30 program «Showmatch» and deployment escenográfico and emotion, which meant the return of one of the most successful programs of the small screen, it is expected that the driver "A political – to make some reflections on the situation in the country, or to give any indication of his possible candidacy in the upcoming elections.

Postponement of political humor sketch next week Tinelli said both Cristina Kirchner as Mauricio Macri and it is used to refer to them with an ironic tone.

"Christina told me:" I can not stay, because I have another compromiso »He expressed with regard to national senator. Referring to Macro said: "The president had to go home to deal with some seven & # 39; families to ask them how was the country that he visits seven & # 39; pits all the time …", Earlier in an interview with & # 39; nd for the program Everything enough Tinelli said the "Macro and Christine & # 39 are two sides of the same coin, already cut the ticket."

Comments understood successful driver in the electoral context in which, despite the fact were measured as a candidate, to hold meetings with the leaders alternative Peronism and to keep the political and economic situation in the country has not yet been identified as a candidate.

"I keep saying that I do not exclude devoting policy at some point in my life. I would like to return the love that people have given me from the official service places, but I do not have any problems; "He said that in the pre-season 30 Showmatch maintaining uncertainty about his candidacy.

"Argentines deserve policies circumstances that we face. People are tired of the crack. And although it seems unattainable, we want to see and feel the unity of the country, which goes beyond the title and the government. One of the biggest problems with the & # 39 is that the Argentines have a line of four years, four others and is always doing everything the opposite of what he did the previous one. This is a story that has touched us, "he said hours before the start of the program.

Last week, an increase in the country risk Tinelli used his account Twitter, to demand the government: "Do something, please," "Stop talking to a" consultant "and" markets "and talk to the distressed and frightened and Argentines."

Marcelo Tinelli was recognized Peronists, who works on the idea of ​​a politically left dichotomy Macro Cristina. Displaying related Federal Alternative space and Roberto Laban, he said that "it may be an excellent candidate." For his part, former economy minister acknowledged that the political movements that the driver had last been focused on the management of the province of Buenos Aires, offering the possibility of that the candidate for governor. At the moment, Tinelli continuing uncertainty.

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