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Showmatch 30 years, ten historic moments of the return of Marcelo Tinelli to the TV


TV, wearing party. Marcelo started 30 Showmatch season with an emotional tribute to three decades of the program into the hole that has merged with the most representative stages of the cycle, from those starting at midnight, as a matter of sport to the days of "Dancing with the dream."

As usual, the season began with classical Doboj, this time based on the blockbuster movie. After opening alternated moments of the first phase of the program, which has dominated the sport, humor and parody, and today, with dancing as the core of the classic signs and segments such as "Intolerable" Jose Maria Listorti and Diego Perez; "Sport Remembrance» Pablo Granados and patita foam and «Figuretti» Freddy Villarreal.

30 years Showmatch: it was a historic and dazzling discovery

At the same time there was a demonstration of 60 dancers on stage and a tour of the history of "Dancing for a Dream» and its different rhythms and dance related. Sofia Morandi and Julian Serrano, the reigning champion of the competition, the curtain rose, Mor, the participants of this new edition, brought his talent and a group of 17 famous singers reversionó questions that were open and close the program for three decades: Valeria Lynch, Patricia Sos, Lucio Gallo, Sandra Mihanovichi, Celeste Carballo, Hilda Lizarazu, Melina Lezcano, Mery Granados, Marcel Morel Yvonne Guzman, Julia Zenko, Adriana Varela, Rocio Quiroz, Roxana Carabajal, flower Otero, Fabian Kant and Lela Tinelli,

Cande Tinelli sang at the historic opening of 30 years Showmatch

Finally, a study was completed with the presence of the historic program participants, mostly journalists and cartoonists who made it a passage for Marseilles, "Good night, America!".

The ringing words of Marcelo Tinelli to Guillermina Valdez and his five children

"It is very difficult to separate Showmatch my life. 30 who we are and the word that most need to say, today, thanks to the back, "said Marcelo input. "I want to particularly dwell on Juan Alberto Badia," he said, remembering it started in the middle and thank all who have made this journey three decades.

China Suarez in hilarious skit Look Boys Tack on 30 years Showmatch

Evocativo first sketch was the "stickiness See Boys» with Pachu, Paul Picchu Straneo, Carna and special participation Suarez China. Then Diego king brought from exclusive readings Barcelona Leo Messi, a lover of life Showmatch, minutes after the faithful champion of the Spanish league. "I want to congratulate Marcelo these 30 years. It is outrageous to spend so much time doing fun and smile people ", he joined the celebration of the best players in the world.

Bitter video that showed Diego KING Thiago, the eldest son of Lionel Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo

There was also a tribute to the 'Sports in memory "with Pachu and Paul, and the" unbearable "in Milan with Diego Perez, Jose Maria Listorti and Wanda Nara invited. "You deserve all the success you have, you are big. Day of 30 years, "was the desire Vanda Marcelo. In addition, Adrian Suar and Pablo Codevila poets dressed "Big Small Poems Authors" and Figuretti was in Amsterdam, followed by Princess Maxima.

Wanda Nara Bank Unbearable who asked Maxi Lopez: You look like a confession made at ICARDA

At the end of the program, Marcelo remembered those who were part of the cycle and is no longer physically, and was surprised by the emotional video starring their children. Tuesday will start the 14th edition of "Dancing for a Dream", which was attended by 16 couples. And next Thursday, from Sant & # 39; Yaga, will be the turn of the "genius of Argentina," the talent show that will travel around the country.

Sun Showmatch 30 years: moving tribute to those who no longer

He returned "Sport in memory": patita foam and Pub Granados will not forgive anyone

Reaction Antonela Roccuzzo Diego when the king showed his picture with Lionel Messi, the children

Mica, Cande, Fran, Lola and Juanita Tinelli made a surprise video, excited dad Marcelo: "This is not what I expected"

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