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Showmatch: Bonadeo, PRINCIPI Yayo and, in particular, there is no


Tuesday, April 30, 2019 13:30

Last night celebrated 30 years Showmatch and were all comedians who have gone through the program, dancers, Sergio Villarruel former manager of Telefe, Adrian Suar and Pablo CodevillaAnd the seven & # 39; and Marcelo TinelliTogether with his wife, Guillermina ValdezOn the floor.

But there were three missing, to pay attention. In the most important and anticipated program they were not Gonzalo Bonadeo. Yayo and Osvaldo Principi.

Marseille Tinelli Sun refers to the absence of reporters and humorist nor leaked reasons faltazo. Yes, it is strange, since all three of the people who are still working in the media and is easily portable and available to apalabrarlos and convince them to take part in such a way a tribute that they, too, were part and direct protagonist.

Maybe they give their reasons or motives that go beyond professional and it is better not to go public.

On the other hand, that was not last night was Marianne IudicaBut the driver explained his reasons are currently involved: "I was invited, I appreciate the invitation from the heart, but what I did there? I was just a year, just got something with his uncle, who was hospitalized Romina», He noted laconically in his program.



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