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"Sit" campaign against colon cancer in the World Day


"Sit" campaign against colon cancer in the World Day

Company «Sit» awareness of colon cancer and screening Leone. Sit, president of the Spanish Cancer Association in Castile and Leon, Serafín de Abajo / EFE / J. Casares

Cancer of the colon with a & # 39 is the most common malignant tumor, 40,000 new cases every year in Spain.

It is the second leading cause of cancer death in Spain and Europe. However, in 90% of cases in which it is found early, it can be cured.

Target population between individuals 50 and 69 years. Therefore, to achieve an early diagnosis of the disease, the autonomous communities have implemented screening test free for people in this age group, because they are likely to suffer.

The Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) has started in all of Spain, the campaign against colon cancer, which began last Wednesday, March 27, and continues until next Sunday, March 31, World Day against colon cancer.

AECC adopted an action program to include screening for colorectal cancer in a portfolio of common services of the National Health System (SNS), with the consent of the approach 100% coverage in 2021.

Thus, goal Company AECC has two aspects:

  • In a letter to policy makers, particularly the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands Government, which have not yet implemented 100 per cent of the program for 2021.
  • And another is aimed at promoting awareness citizenship and to encourage their participation in the screening test is performed.

What is the screening test?

Test screening test that detects colorectal cancer in its early stages, and even precancerous. According to the AECC, this test determines 90% of the cases of this disease. Test & # 39 is that the patient take a sample of feces him what the exact analytical practice of blood.

Colon Cancer
Image «Sit» Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) to raise awareness of screening on the occasion of World Day against cancer of the colon / EFE / Andrea Dalmau

"If the number of triggers blood tests, such as colonoscopy, which is a & # 39 is expensive, but determines whether cancerous condition," said Andres Orozco, president of the provincial AECC in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

How much?

Screening test is financed by the national health system and costs 2 euros.

If the test result is positive, what happens between 6 and 7 percent of the screened population, the patient must undergo colonoscopy, which costs about 180 euros.

average cost Colorectal Cancer Treatment exceeds 27000 euros.

The difference in screening dvukrop & # 39; I between regions

National Coordinator of the Alliance for the prevention of colon cancer, Miguel Muñoz Navas, told Efe, warned of "hard" difference in colon cancer screening among regions and called on the administration to invest in prevention.

During his participation in the conference "Screening for colon cancer" in the hospital Ramon y Cajal in Madrid, Muñoz Navas highlighted proper functioning communities such as the Basque Country, Navarre, Valencia, Cantabria, Castile and Leon and Catalonia, while in line at another location, like Madrid, Andalusia, Extremadura and Asturias.

"In countries where the screening significantly reduced both the incidence and mortality from colorectal cancer," the expert said.

Colon Cancer
Source: Spanish Gastroenterology Foundation (FEAD).

lack of participation

According to the Spanish network of cancer screening, 48% of the target population (from 50 or 69 years), he was invited to participate in the screening test and those contacted, attended by about half, although the level of involvement is much Var & # 39; iruetstsa depending on the region .

For example, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, he was invited to test 75,000 people, of which only 35,000 were present. In Las Palmas province, called on 98,000 people to get tested and, finally, participated only 51,000, or about 50 percent.

"I have to be 100 percent. There is a simple, "said Andres Orozco, who said that by 2021, this test can voluntarily hacérsela people of any age group not just those who are between 50 and 69 years.

For its part, the provincial vice-president of the AECC in Las Palmas, Carlos Nöbauer, stressed that there is "fear" among the population that the proof of this kind take place, it has been positive, but noted that the prevention of "things much easier."

Toilets «Sit» with & # 39 appeared in different cities. In Barcelona, ​​where a barrage of toilets surprised passerby.

Coordinator of programs and services AECC in Barcelona, ​​Teresa Lopez-Fando, explained to Efe, that the control of the screening test is available in drugstores and inexpensive way to prevent colon cancer.


The lack of symptoms in the early stages of its development with the & # 39 is the reason why many patients are not treated until the disease is already in the late stages. Why prophylaxis with & # 39; is fundamental.

It is expected the trend of morbidity of this disease continue to rise, mainly because of the influence risk factors are closely related to lifestyle.

Dr. Carlos Molina Calzada, attached to the Regional Hospital of High Specialty Ixtapaluca in Mexico oncologist, said: "Do not bring a good diet, among other factors, the reason for this type of cancer."

The diet is based on high intake of fats, red meat and highly processed foods such as sausages increases the risk of cancer colorecctal, the expert warned.

In addition to food, Malin Calzada explained that other risk factors: sedentary lifestyle, obesity, alcoholism and smoking.

Infography dvukrop & # 39; e, in which parts / Cedida have said CUN

People with a family history of colon cancer, inflammatory bowel disease and more than 45 years in the past or with the & # 39 are the most at risk.

"They should have priority for screening at least once or twice a year," said the expert.

Despite the fact that this is a condition that mainly affects people over 45 years have seen cases at an earlier age in recent years. Therefore, prevention is recommended for all.

Finally, in terms of prevention, the doctor expressed the need to pay attention to symptoms such as a change in bowel habits, changes in the formation of stools, abdominal pain, weight loss, rectal bleeding, and abdominal swelling.

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