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Sivan speechless, Who & # 39 is a South African artist who moved ended the Argentine public at Lollapalooza?


People move their hands in the air from one side to the other, Thousands, tens of thousands of repeat traffic. It is regarded as a kind of choreography praise while between the angelic voice and electronic sounds, From the stage someone takes the phone and writing: a short video that will have a few hours and a half million copies. None of these thousands of people are not aware that they are at the moment, giving rise to the myth. It was only a myth, love story.

In the center of the scene, he, the owner of the voice and receive praise. Sivan called and came from Australia to give their show at LollapaloozaOn the other hand, on the lawn of San Isidro racecourse, the Argentine public love, suddenly, with This South African boy (Born in Johannesburg, he lives in Perth). This is something that is nothing more than a boy: It is 23 years, two albums (Bloom -2018- -2015- and vicinity blue) and several hits to his credit, The most he sounded in Spotify, «I'm so tired" (136 million views).

Fans dancing to the music Sivan

Does anyone know in Argentina? Yes, but far from being a candidate to be a crowd favorite. He played on Saturday at 16.30 hours on the main stage 2. What happened: he center, microphone in hand, and someone on the side of the stage filming people. Then he handed the video to Troyes, and he soon got up on Twitter. He did not need to accompany it with too much text. He just puts "Wordless. Due to Argentina "And heart. And then, the other tweet friendly smile (Argentina flag, heart, watery eyes) and other video on the population (which is also quickly reached half a million copies).

This is not the end of his fascination to the public. A few minutes later, another video on Twitter with a shot of his face and the text "I was literally in shock, trying to process what had just happened ", And then, another video more: he sings on stage and in the body of tweets offer "Happier than ever "And finally, another mysterious "Just when you start to think you're the shit, keep you humble "In response to the image of his show called "Lynx" instead of "Troy."

Lollapalooza spectators were nervous in the rhythm of Sivan

Where were these fans? Go one to know, but obviously many of the 136 million views above happened in Argentina. Apparently, Good Troy did not expect to receive thisBut it was not the first surprise Lolla but Niceto Club, where he played the day before, in the folded position. This is something that no one could anticipate the furor, he even joked: "I feel like Justin Bieber ".

South African singer posted a video of her show in your account Instagram

It was the first singer will visit Argentina. It was not the best start: As soon as he arrived, he learned that They have lost my suitcase at the airport and he had to go out and buy clothes"I just came to Argentina, which is so damn charming. But it's not glamorous lose your luggage, and then to wash clothes in the hotel pool. I'm going to go shopping and to plan something, but I do not want that time to make sure you have things to use, "he tweeted. After that, things have improvedFound Niceto crowded and one day after tens of thousands of people who are celebrating the first local Lollapalooza.

Sivan singing «Bloom» Lollapalooza in Argentina

While he played in one of two basic scenarios in Perry took Batalla de Gallos, much younger audience also took while most were listening to high frequency as the South African actor. Who knows Troy as music may be able to remember it their participation in the film X-Men Origins: WolverineWhere a young version wolverine, The film was made 10 years ago and Troy was just a kid. But there is no doubt that The Argentine public is waiting, and he will certainly be glad to return.

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