Friday , June 25 2021

Snow, Santa Claus, and where to find the plane in the season 7

Fortnite Season 7 is now official, and comes with new features to celebrate the holiday season, including new vehicles, quite unexpectedly for the fans: airplanes. This is the most significant new feature updates.

Game Battle Royale card type, as a rule, much more, and the beginning of the game when the "storm" has not yet been sharply reduced safe terrain map to get around on foot can be a real pain. So, Fortnite already included some vehicles such as motorcycles or SUV that funny (but funny) supermarket shopping. But now the turn of airplanes.


The new vehicle reaches Fortnite in the 7th season X-4 Stormwind, the plane can fly around the map, and even shoot (though weapons can overheat if you use demasiadio), and has five seats for up to four friends with you.

Top Five weeks

In addition, the card has changed a bit in this new season, adding more cities to explore during the winter holidays.


Of course, in accordance with the arrival of winter and the holiday season in many regions of the world, Fortnite island is now mostly covered by snow, including their new cities and regions. In addition, the game also includes new skins to give it a festive look of your character, weapons and vehicles, including Santa hats, and more.

Finally, in season 7 Fortnite also comes a new creative mode, which we already know that you can create and modify the map as you want on your small private island, in the style of Minecraft, and use it for studying or fight with your friends. You can find all the changes mentioned on the official website. New season now available Fortnite.

Where to find the plane

The jets usually always & # 39 are around the hangars, easily identified by their red color. Now we located the point at which the aircraft can be a & # 39 appears in Fortnite, and almost always seems to be an average of three in each of these sites.

new buildings

Fortnite announced a new way that will delight all fans of Minecraft and the type of sandbox games. It is called "Creative" and specializes in the construction, which allows to create a map that you want and how you want to explore or fight with friends and strangers.

The new regime with & # 39 Playground's is an extended version, which offers players a small private island, to build what they want. Once you have listed your creation can use it for anything, including the study, participation in races or, of course, the fight in the user's field of battle.


"All that we are building is saved, you will not lose the game" on the & # 39; presents Epic Games, creatively recall that is still not the final version, but will continue to improve over time.

Fortnite Creative arrives tomorrow, bought a combat badge, and from December 13 to everything.

In addition to the launch of the new season, during the awards gala game, which will take place on Thursday (starting on December 7 in Spain), Epic Games announces a big surprise.

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