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Solo: Let's talk about & # 39; combine the Peronists and the Peronists, and is not going to stop hunger


In typical speech into a proselytizing act, the former governor of Buenos Aires began to "tell them not to come to the cultural battle, what is at stake now is to change the political and social model, we will stop the hunger, humiliation and returning people work."

Accompanied Peronist mayors and people's deputies Lee Campora, Saul said: "Many people are offended and, thinking that there is no other purpose, are wrong, there is another destination, people do not go bankrupt, Argentina will come out ahead, but for this you need to go, and why I am touring the country as a candidate for president."

"It is important to restore people's hope a government that believes in the Argentines, not to believe the CEO coming from outside or the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which can protect your work and that puts Argentina feet, you'll be able to take, but we achieve and the only one, "he said.

At the factory, filled with members of the movement Evita, Deputy Red and Argentina insisted Election strategy should be to ensure the unity of the opposition and join the support of "those who voted against (Mauricio Macri) those who voted for, and now I feel disappointed with this situation, we are all one, and all of them are necessary to achieve success. "

As for the support of leading organizations Emilio PersianPeronist leader said that «Evita Movement understands that protect the humble should strive for unity."

During the provincial to the & # 39 entrance Evita factory recovered Suin, reference and candidate for governor of Buenos Aires, Fernando "Chino" Navarro said that "in the growth of poverty and despair, the Argentines have to offer electoral alternative that has the support of other sectors ".

The meeting was attended by the mayors Gustavo Menendez (Merlot) Albert Barefoot (Ituzaingó), Gabriel Katopodis (San Martin) Gustavo Arrieta (Cañuelas), Leonardo Nardini (Falkland Argentine) and Andrew Watson (Florencio Varela).

In addition, they are attended by heads of Barrios de Pie Daniel Menendez and national MPs Fernando Ascencio (RedxArgentina), Horacio Pietragalla and Luana Volnovich (Campora).

A few days ago, Solo was approved by its presidential candidate class Combativa (CCC) and the movement of October.

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