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son FLORENCIA Peña made an urgent appeal on networks


Toto has wiped a little time to get what you want. Look!

Toto Otero, son of Florencia Peña, using their social networks to make urgent inquiry given a little time to reach its goal.

Teenager communicated with his followers Instagram, and through their story, asked them if someone is selling a record during the day today, the Lollapalooza, music festival with numerous She performed at the Hippodrome of San Isidro.

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"Any input for Lolla today? Any price, "says a young man who seems to be willing to pay whatever it takes to be part of the event experience and participation shows Lamar, Lenny Kravitz, Paulo Londra, Greta Van Fleet, Snow Patrol, The Mona Jimenez, Lali, Visentiko, Cazzu and Bambi, among many others.

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The order was somewhat unexpected, and can give clues about the mysterious end of his relationship with Juanito Tinelli, driver's daughter Showmatch. While Guillermina Valdez said that the novel was completed, The Flor Peña said that they are still together. Perhaps if still continue to boyfriendToto could have attended the festival, considering your ex? sister, Cande, was presented yesterday in what was the second day of Lolla.


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