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Sports visit to Tiger with great enthusiasm to devote champion of Super League: time, television and education


leader racing faced with a key challenge for their desire to be a champion Super LeagueIf you visit ascending tigerIn Victoria, in the game for the twenty-fourth day of the match events.

The meeting will be held from 18:10 in Estadio Jose Dellagiovannain an arbitration Nestor feed and TV program Premium TNT SportWhile guard protection and justice will be playing at the same time as the local union.

"Academy" is a 55 points four more than «Hawk» Varela, so the victory will secure the title, although other combinations of results will allow the knees to victory.

If the protection is lost, or if both are connected their matches, the winner of the race of the Super League crown as well. If the team wins, and Sebastian Becaccece loss or tie Racing, the definition will stretch until the last day, when the two face-off in a fascinating definition in Presidente Perón Avellaneda Stadium.

As for the team, which will go to court in Victoria, coach Edward caudete He confirmed that the realignment is to beat Belgrano (1-0) on the last day.

Averaging the tournament and when it seemed that the fall was inevitable, «Matador» Victoria regained its illusion of constant parties GorositoWho he took the team in five matches and scored four wins and a draw.

While still in the relegation zone, these results swelled his poor average and there is every chance to follow in the first place, in a fight inch by inch with several teams as aggressively as the tiger.

Looking clash with Racing, «Pius" Gorosito can count on Sebastian Predigera, who was questioned by trauma, then repeat the starting line-up that won at Talleres Cordoba in the last day (3-1).

tiger: Gonzalo Marinelli; Martin Galmarini Nestor Moeragi, Gerardo Alcoba, Ezequiel Rodríguez; Jorge Ortiz, Lucas Menossi, Sebastian Prediger; Walter Montillo; Lucas Janson and Federico Gonzalez. DT: Gorosito.

race: Gabriel Arias; Renzo Saravia, Leonardo Shiga Alejandro Donati, Eugenio Mena; Nery Dominguez; Matthias Zaracho, Guillermo Fernandez, August Solari; Lisandro Lopez and Cvitanich. DT: Eduardo caudete.

stadium: Jose Dellagiovanna (Tiger).
judge: Nestor eat.
Start time: 18.10.
TV: Premium TNT Sport.

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