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Step by step: how to track the phone, even when silent


March 31, 2019

This is a tutorial to find a computer, access to a personal account in the Google Apps control panel or ICloud.

phone tracking

If Sos left the camera anywhere in the house, in silence and you can not find this tutorial we will present to identify it in the simplest way.

There is a simple and intuitive way mobile track using a variety of tools available for IOS, Android and Windows Phone.

The smartphone has become an important tool for ordinary people. It is almost impossible to think of leaving home without it. In his memory, we store personal data, files, documents and images, among other things.

How and how much gold a cell that gave Messi

Cage look at the inner life of users. For this reason, there is a way to recover the data. It is the steps that describe the following tutorial.

It is important to know what their functions are implemented, cell must be turned on and connected to the network.

Step by step

In the case of phones with the Android operating system, This is necessary to Team owner enter Google Find My Device page.


If this feature does not work, the user must go to a web browser "find my phone"What you will be redirected to a website called.

If you have not started on the Gmail website on this computer or tablet where you're screwed, the owner must enter into a cell phone and entered. Once this procedure is done, the page you will see, Computer & # 39; the computer model name and associated with this account.

In addition, there is the possibility of ringing cell (even if the phone is in silent mode), among other options offered by the site.

IPhone OSThis tutorial teaches that the owner of the phone will enter the website IAA- and look for "search."

Then you have to select the device connected to this account, in this case with the & # 39 is the iPhone. After this, the user must click on the option "Play Sound".

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