Saturday , April 17 2021

Stone Free – 2018/11/27 – Olé

Why the police and located and arrested a woman in the video Bengali offerings child, but still, to last night, he never identified any of those who attacked the micro Boca?

Which still has not found a single violent (only 30 detainees who have been released on Sunday) can be attributed to the net inefficiency of the security forces or by the simple concealment. Many more laps there. It is clear that the arrest of any of them forced to clarify the issue. To determine if they really were friends Borrachos del Tablon, if acted on their own, in retaliation for what happened Friday in the house bar Hector Caverna Godoy, or if they are not protected by the police, as a & # 39; objects domestic famous between the city and nation. If the work day and are not defined nor stop them, suspicions are growing around that the attack was neither more nor less than the other part in the conspiracy of bars and some of the energy sector.

areas in the parish of Boca Was released?

Security Minister -The Patricia Bullrich, says no. The bus driver says yes of Boca, who had been sent "to the slaughterhouse," he had never in all the time he turned the microphone to the monumental ran on its way to many, but so many fans of the river. What if the driver says Bullrich said. I chose you to believe.

If he was a normal protocol, the attack would be of such magnitude?

-No. Usually, when you visit Boca monumental visitors encapsulated bus. That is, wooden fences located on the street, so that fans do not have contact with the visiting players. At this time, remarkably, none of this happened. It is clear that both the board and raking the field often do police minutes before the passage of micro- and pretty- prevented violence.

Micro Boca was attacked by the way to the stadium river.

Why is protocol was not, and was not even a board?

-C government is still not & # 39; appeared to explain. Thus, we must return to speculation: it was the ineffectiveness of its own security forces, or the attack was organized, premeditated between the grid and the energy sector ambush. Too much to think about, that is.

Why just before Super raid Caverna home Years? They do not know that it can cause?

It is undeniable that an attack on a bar with river & # 39 is an important step in the fight against violence. And no matter when it is not given. It is important to give. Norberto Brotto prosecutor investigating the resale of tickets at the club since April. Why flying hours to super? Since the prosecution explained that the evidentiary material eavesdropping recently it a week before the River-Boca, why was there when Judge Patricia Larocca ordered. The operation was carried out to capture Caverna Year with compromising. The truth is that, once it had done intelligence work is very comprehensive and is not to be Sherlock Holmes to guess that the bar can go Monumental do ugliness. So why in the power structures necessary precautions? This is a great question. The only people who seemed, could not imagine that the collapse was only security …

-While Ocampo resigned, ¿the government right to the point in the bars as responsible for the attack on Saturday?

-No. Bullrich said that the perpetrators of those who threw stones and glasses Horacio Rodríguez Larreta in the same direction. In addition to retirement Okaey discourse some later, at least 30 years. Think of the bar as a violent group of social misfits already an anachronism. The rods are growing and growing feed the most political power. Political power and the security agencies say the fight is the same as for many years put on weight. And there is no doubt about that: the rods are best suited to the system. Mauricio Macri should know well: he went to the football club for 12 years.

"Are we all completely sick?


-¿Hace not enough to justify this last answer?

Just open social network, anyone, to see that we continue to fight, offensively, we are still immersed in chiquitaje, discuss whether the party to give of Boca, where the stone was 800 or 700 meters away from the monumental, gas pepper agreement Here is a gentleman … we have already lost. All. He played or not, and lost.

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