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Surprise in Santa Fe: Amalia Granata was the third most voted deputy provincial – 2019/04/29


Amalia Granata media has become one of the biggest surprises of the selection santafesina. Rosario, who focused his campaign on the life it against the legal, safe and free abortion, It was the third most voted candidate of the provincial.

The lower house santafesina restore their 50 seats in December and Pomegranate is well positioned not only to become a legislator. If you hold 146,000 votes, which was supported by yesterday, and this is achieved it is accompanied by at least one pair of elements List of space About & # 39; connected to family & # 39; and and life.

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In the category where the current governor, the Socialist Miguel Lifschitz, was the most voted with 543.786 votes, Granata managed to place third place individually and placing them in fourth. Only surpassed by the Socialist and change representative, Gabriel Chumpitaz (193000 votes). Even won his fight hand in hand, ten candidates proposed by the Peronism. The amount of PJ, however, had a much broader electoral support, which is about & # 39 brings together 387 thousand votes, when all the threads of this space adds.

TV speaker free, he was able to overcome the leader with a broad political car & # 39; eray as the Socialist Rubén GiustinianiOr journalist with a great militancy and the current provincial deputies, Carlos Del Frade.

Amalia Granata, Sunday vote.

Amalia Granata, Sunday vote.

"I want to thank everyone for their support santafesinos. We have done an incredible selection. Thank you all. We show that we are Pro Life, Pro-Life, which continues in the race. Thank you, Santa Fe "was the first message sent from the computer & # 39; the computer center Grenade. Thus, he decided to emphasize the central feature of his candidacy.

Their belligerence against abortion caused an interesting situation yesterday when he & # 39; was to vote. One of the bodies of the table you have to be tied green scarf, a symbol of a legal, safe and free abortion. From space, Unite took the episode as a provocation. Through social networks Walter Ghione, the second candidate for deputy in this space, denounced "a clear act of provocation by the president of the table (number 4,266) Amalia Granata which gets green scarf. We ask our members not wearing blue handkerchief, so as not to provoke and to live a real party democracy. Thus, we are in Santa Fe. "

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This morning, Maria Pia Kohlbrenner, who wore a green scarf, said that "it was not a planned provocation or something." In an interview with & # 39; th radio Uncover described as "green tide", he said: "It's amazing how growing struggle" and esperanzó, that this year's "outside the law", which extends the legalization of abortion. Finally, he was surprised by the attitude of grenades at the polling station. "I was struck by the fact that the candidates were smiling photos taken out and left in the chat, and she ran away." He left in such a hurry that he forgot his ID, so they had to run it, to give him.

This is not the first time that the media is trying his luck in politics. In 2017 he tried to jump into the Chamber of Deputies. He received 60,000 votes in the Santa Fe and stayed away from the bench. While running the front tempted Renewal Sergio Massa finally raced out of this space. Who is able to strengthen his candidacy from Unite, the same space as the national is possible presidential candidacy of deputy Alfredo Olmedo.


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