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Tarifazo, which falls into the tank and pocket | …


State oil company YPF announced last night at the fuel price increase, which fell at midnight, but at a lower percentage than the competition. Starting today, the value surged to the city of Buenos Aires YPF with & # 39 is 4.89 per cent more expensive in the case of diesel and 4.55 percent gasoline. The day before, from zero hours on Saturday, Argentina Raizen, Shell brand licensee ordered adjustment of 9.5 percent of the prices of all fuels, arguing that it was a result of the transition to the final cost increases in the price of a barrel of oil and a jump in the value of currency . YPF, however, seems to follow the instructions of its main shareholder, the nation-state, moderate growth and an increase in the delay, trying to soften the impact of higher interest rates in the immediate pre-election months. The same policy was applied in the case of the gas distributed in three phases (April, May and June) increased by 29 percent in the national rate initially expected to apply from Monday. Many increases not only the users who are going to suffer during these weeks. The government, a prisoner of its policy of dollarization rate and transfer the state budget deficit caused by the population, mainly interest payments, are now trying to avoid the costs associated with inflation, which leaves hands during their own pricing policy of the fed-back.

About & # 39 classified YPF said that the new prices, starting today, in Capital Federal, will, for a super oil to 40.43 pesos per liter; diesel, 37.94 peso NAFTA Infinia, 46.65 pesos, and diesel D500, 46,65 pesos per liter. "The increase reflects the impact of key variables for the formation of prices, such as an increase in ICL and to IDC (tax rates), exchange rate changes and Brent oil prices (crude oil)," state-owned oil company said in a statement. However, as soon as he said that "those declared YPF prices remain the lowest in the region, as gasoline and diesel fuel."

This increase, although strong influence motorists pocket is considerably lower than its declared main competitor, Raisen, licensee Shell petrol stations. On Saturday, the outputs with the logo of the Anglo-Dutch company applied to increase its fuel prices by 9.5 percent. With the increase, Shell went to collect 43.36 pesos per liter of super gasoline; Diesel Diesel Formula passed weight 41.39; V-Power gasoline rose to 49.98 per liter and V-shaped diesel to 47.98 pesos per liter. The difference in price with YPF has reached 3 / 3.50 pesos per liter in various products.

"In the context of the volatility of the variables that determine the price of fuel, YPF sought dynamically adjust their prices in recent months in order to mitigate the effects of increased consumption of gasoline and diesel fuel," said YPF apologizing. Unmarked part of the & # 39 is that most state-owned oil company has also had to respond to the demand by the national authorities, so as not to add more dissatisfaction in the social environment and strongly irritated commodity inflation. In the case of fuel, loss of purchasing power, combined with the lowest level of activity is reflected in a drop of 6.3 per cent of the demand in the second half as he YPF said in his press yesterday.

Cuotificación increase in internal gas to be authorized government final bid is allocated 29 percent increase in the belt 10, which is controlled from Monday; another 9 per cent, which will come into force in May and increased 7.5 percent will take place in June. Last month, however, users will receive bills with a discount of 22 per cent will not decrease in the rate, but the delay in payment. Consequences of these increases on the highest consumption of fresh blow in winter in pockets in December this year and March next. Who suspects that this schedule is directly related to the electoral calendar, there will be a mistake.

The program also includes an increase in April this year, the adjustment of 2.50 pesos per trip on the subway, which carries a value passed to the winch to 19 pesos. It is scheduled for May new growth of two pesos, bringing the ticket costs 21 pesos. Water and electricity, while increased again in May, and will be 27 percent of the first (Aisa customers) and 4 percent in the second (Edenor and Edesur rate).

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