Thursday , November 26 2020

The British press revealed unimaginable details on Michael Schumacher's health – 12/17/2018

Then, on December 29 They will be honored five years, Michael Schumacher's accident He was skiing with his family & # 39; it in the French Alps. In the last hours, the British journalist revealed information about the health of the German, who said You do not need to be connected 24 hours to survive, and some & # 39; I spend 55,000 euros per week in care.

Schumacher is not in bed, there is no need to be connected to the medical device, to ensure its survivalSays the Daily Mail. German caring team of doctors and nurses in a family house in Switzerland in 55 million euros.

After the accident, inner circle has created a siege of their health and do not give any information, According to him, communication to say that Schumacher is not the whole day in bed, can not survive by being connected to a medical device, but says that they get special care for about 55 000 euro per week.

According to journalist Jonathan McEvoyShe lives with her relatives in the main wing of something & # 39 homes; and, as confirmed by the father expiloto Ferrari, Rolf.

This information refutes the German living in a specialized hospital in Switzerland, but lives in the house, which was launched prior to the accident, which was intended for Michael's father lived.

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