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The causes of unrest among the British royal family & # 39; and and Meghan Markle


If we are talking about to turn one year of their arrival in the British royal, figure Meghan Markle seem awkward: It arouses suspicion in the royal family & # 39; and generates more hatred and passion in Brexit population and seizes itself presses on the level they once did Princess Diana.

So, at the moment, with the & # 39 is that the presence of the American actress, 37, the former star of TV series costumesDivorced, feminist and half African-American, He rocked the royal family & # 39; it, and will likely continue to do so. Although you can at a price too high.

While the efforts to meet the look is not enough, a few gestures in which he revealed his identity have been challenged. Enlarged and turned into a scandal.

"It will be damned if you do and damned if he will not do." With that phrase is used in almost all of his actions over the past few months, journalist David Jenkins misses with & # 39; reality that occurs for the Duchess, in an article published in Tatler and the right "Year in Meghanomanía».

Markle married in May 2018, almost six months after the announcement of the engagement, and after two years of relationship with Prince Harry. Who she agreed to dance the dance with the actual number ended in October last year, announcing her first pregnancy.

But it is not only to carry out the protocol. The Duchess also met the challenges that come with peer: more than a hundred acts of the official agenda, the subordination of the orders of Queen Elizabeth II among them a recent trip couple in Morocco, his frequent collaborations charities, royal patronage and pregnancy near term implementation of speech, though not always good valoradas- events have been scheduled with the most disadvantaged position.

The balance of the British monarchy, however, none of these actions seem to achieve. Some unfortunate from cross your legs in an official act, say unsuitable words, even touching "too" pregnant belly (how many times it would have been adequate?) – earned friendly gestures and malicious whispers.

To this was added a huge press dedication to his alleged rivalry with concuñadaKate Middleton, the apparent displeasure of Queen Elizabeth II, the declared hatred wife of Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles… And the list continues nicknames rumors, comments about his bad temper, his ambition and waste.

dishonesty costs, personnel defections and family clashes

One of the episodes, which splashed the scandal, as the former actress was 5 day trip he made in February in New York, where a group of friends organized a «Baby Shower». According to British media, 5 days in the Big Apple Sun would cost not less than 500 000 US dollars.

The amount will include flying on board private jet, Stay in Penthouse Hotel The MarkOn the Upper East Side, and the hiring of an exclusive harpist Erin HillWho delighted the audience with their music. Nevertheless, The Crown came to defend Markle and said it was "a privately funded" trip.

About 15 people attended the exclusive eventAll the inner circle now the Duchess, who might just looking to share a special moment of your pregnancy with your loved onesHer close friends, Serena Williams and lawyer Amal Clooney were there, along with stylist Jessica Mulroney; designer Misha Nonoo; presenter Gayle King; Abigail Spencer, an actress and partner Meghan costumesAnd makeup artist Daniel Martin.

Prior to this, the Duchess of Sussex was the top British tabloids due Resignation Samantha Cohen, 50 key staff members I would not want to continue in office after the birth of the first child of the Duke and Duchess, which is scheduled for the end of April.

News that in other contexts might seem trivial, fueling rumors This is not an easy job for Markle, and refer to it breaking known despotic character and attitude.

This may be one of the reasons that, according to recent leaks in the press, corridor of Buckingham Palace says the call «I-Gain», which, through a pun on the Spanish name translates as "I win".

Barrage of media attacks and negative comments on social networks was stronger, however, we are talking about a possible feud with his concuñada Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton.

Move that alienated a pair of princes, birthday, that, in that meeting and have not been Markle few months had not been invited, "fights in the style of" in between. All being fueled pathological I want to confront and two beautiful young women who also share their plebeian origin.

In recent years, however, he returned to make public appearances, which have shown smiling and cute, showing that even advanced a few people close to him: that the estimated distance between Middleton and Markle can only be a problem of narrow programs.

All this suggests that perhaps "culture shock "was the main trigger for some work or, perhaps more appropriate to talk about roces- with a new member of the royal family & # 39; and. More alien to seek visibility, American mentality may not be compatible with the family & # 39; it subject to strict traditions, while the structured life proposed by the monarchy, of course, confuses a woman 37 years old.

But the difficulty of adaptation was not alien to anyone if he was the same amount of time Princess Diana's marriage to Charles, Harry's mother confessed to the writer and biographer Andrew Morton, that he was "exhausted." She should be given a new opportunity to Markle and the royal family & # 39; and to finally get used to deal with their differences.

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