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The defeat of the key term for women to retire after the moratorium – 03/31/2019


Less than four months -The next 23 July- term for women who are between 60 and 65 years can retire if they are under 30 years of contributions, completing missing previous years as at December 31, 2003 through the law on the moratorium 27.260, A similar plan for the men set out in the resolution compensation Historical regulation in 2016 and won.

To resign, a woman must have 60 years and 30 years of service with contributions. Since the moratorium allows you to organize the lack of contributions from 18 years (completed in 1977) before the expiry of the deadline for regularization -31 December 2003- it is clear that access to this regime, women can control up to 26 or 27 years away and, at least 3 or 4, the next installment in 2003, ending 30 years is required. The greater the number of months before and after 2003 have contributed to the less need to justify the years moratorium.

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In order to join this moratorium women You must have completed 60 years before 23 JulyYou can not adjust the premiums until 23 July to retire after this date, with no age or years of contributions since 2003.

Started the process, Anses calculate the debt for months and years of contributions will be regularized through a moratorium and will be deducted from the pension, the retired woman charged -The minimum of $ 10.410- today. For example, 60 years, and 3 years after 2003 (27 years old) regularization of contributions will be deducted values ​​today $ 470 per month, adjusted for mobility, for 60 months.

In all cases, the condition for the regularization of Anses takes a & # 39 is that "analysis of the vulnerability of socio-economic" is exceeded. They are mainly the parameters of income and assets. For example, if a woman who wants to impose a moratorium has a car and a value.

The parameters that control the Anses, to give a pension freeze.

The parameters that control the Anses, to give a pension freeze.

Women and men aged 65 years and older who do not have 30 years of contributions They can get access to PUAM (Universal Pension for the elderly). pension of 80% of having a minimum ($ 8328).

To gain access to this universal pension, Anses accepts parameters, similar to those who want to impose a moratorium. This suggests that the most vulnerable groups benefit.

"In contrast to the usual retirement PUAM not entitled to a pension for loss of breadwinner, In addition, it does not take into account the contributions made by the applicant you. Then, cases of people with 25 years of contributions they reach retirement age and must submit PUAM given, "said the lawyer Andrea Falcon.

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another moratorium acts (Law 24476) -with permanent character for women and men, at least 9 years of contributions after 1993 it also & # 39 is the condition for the transmission of socio-economic evaluation.

Falcone said that "in Argentina We are always the moratorium due to the high degree of informality (Over 35%) and the State has failed in its monitoring function, it was evasion of contributions. In addition, women have less access to employment and employment in white, as well as periods of housewives on child-rearing. "

The Anses they said horn that "guarantee pension advice for free, quickly, easily and without intermediaries." Stakeholders' offices can come at any time or by calling * 130. "


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