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The difference between the generic and similar drugs, yes there is!


Most people are turned at least once pharmacy It recognizes that it is cheaper and accessible to all, for filling a prescriptionBut did you know that The difference between the generic and similar drugs? Yes, there is!

Of course this scene look familiar: you go private doctorSalt with your recipe, Get pharmacyOr & # 39 is to supply to the manager, all right … until he tells you the price. speaking about healthInstead flow is an investment, the reality is that they are not always available to everyone. That's when you get to buy your mind overall or like.

you know The medicament is a tablet, capsule or syrup used to treat diseasesbut …that they made? In general, one or more active ingredients (Responsible for treatment) and inactive substances or fillersThey are used to control, besides giving texture, shape and taste.

Those known as "Brand"They & # 39 are the result of research process pharmaceuticalwho protected by patentThus, only you can do laboratory that developed over time continues, can "repeat".

And then there is generic and similarContaining the same active material.

Of course, you've heard that "one and the same, but cheaper." However, even though both contain the same active ingredient than patentThis is not the same as choosing as a genericWhy?

You've heard the term generic interchangeableThis is the correct way to call overallThus, according to information published in the book "General Pharmacology. Textbook "they went evidence interchangeabilityof proof equal or equivalent patent for manufacturingThis is due to the fact the same active substance. the route of administration and concentration.

In contrast to this, Such have not passed these testsTherefore, even if they have the same amount of active ingredient and, They do not consider them interchangeableBecause his preparation or additives It can change the way in The drug is to behave in the body.

In short? while similar drugs They can work (and often), if you want to a high degree of safety they perform their mission better to choose generic interchangeable, In fact, experts recommend not to use the sameBecause although They are not the & # 39 are harmfulhis effectiveness can not be guaranteed.

So, you know, the next time you need buy medicinechoose general interchangeableSince, in accordance with the Federal Commission for Protection against Sanitary Risks (COFEPRIS), has the same quality, safety and efficacy that patent.

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