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The government limits the possibility of retirement for those with less than 30 years of contribution


The decision to strike on elderly people who have already suffered from the removal of the free drug and pension benefits P.

March 30, 2019

Government access to retirement for older people even more difficult and the conditions of universal pension for the elderly (PUAM), to devalued retirement for those who are 65 years old, and is not responsible for 30 years of contributions to the government of Mauricio Macri, necessary for retirement or pension.

From that moment, so that you can access PUAM (whose current on & # 39; the amount of $ 8328, which is equivalent to 80% of the minimum pension) will have notification requirements related to income levels (not earned, on average, more from $ 53828 per month in the past year to apply for the benefit), heritage and consumption.

It should be remembered that originally, this provision has been created with almost unlimited access criteria (no more than the condition will not be 65 years, instead of asking the regular retire during PUAM meeting).

Now they can pick it up, it was not, and last year, when asked to profit, the average monthly gross income of $ 53829 or more likely, according to La Nacion the new rules, which will be published in the coming days in the Official Gazette,

As a second condition, they may not have assets worth more than $ 2583792 statement. Along with this requirement, Sun motorcycles may cost more than $ 968,922, or aircraft of any type, or a boat, 9 meters or more in length.

The third condition is determined by consumption: the cost of a natural person may not exceed by more than 30% of the median income of $ 53829 per month. At present, on an annualized basis, which is equivalent to $ 839,732.40. And check this position will travel data on the consumption of paid with credit cards and debit cards.

They currently count PUAM 119,439 people. These benefits already granted in the framework of the application of other rules, there will be no changes clarified according to government sources.

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