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The IMF said the "difficult situation", and explained why now freed of intervention to reduce the dollar


"Argentina is going through a difficult situation in the financial markets, Foundation staff said today the IMF Executive Board has recently volatility feel Argentine assets and recalibration intervention policy announced by the Central Bank of Argentina. Executive Directors expressed their support for the framework underlying the stand-by and implementing the government policy of"He said, David LiptonSecond on & # 39; object.

Christine Lagarde, Director of the Fund is not in Washington, returned from a trip to China.

"As often happens in cases exclusive access, as in the past, it has been briefing in board on recent economic developments and that the assertion that follows from this briefing, "they are a source of detailed, close to the international lending institutions. Lipton led the meeting and the report was responsible for Roberto Cardarelli, The responsibility of the Argentine mission.

Infobae learned that The Foundation believes that the remains of the economy now allow a higher level of interference, non-stop, to stop any exchange route, That did not happen last year. At that time, and for this failure, he left his post as head of the BCRA Louis kaput. Now the Fund believes that the new policy itself may be useful to counter the excessive volatility of the market.

As reported today the site, of Lipton, who signed a brief second statement of the Fund, was most reluctant to leave the country freely floating circuit with areas of intervention.

He Cardarelli, and local authorities of the Central Bank, headed by its president, guido SandlerisConcluding the negotiations held over the weekend that this morning- closed and ended with a resolution of the new scheme. Central can now sell dollars, without limitation, as it sees fit, as long as the price does not exceed 51.5 weight (upper band), and if that happens, this figure rose to 250 million dollars a day, the amount of losses that can separated or regulate quotes.

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