Sunday , February 28 2021

The incredible story of the party, where he began a fatal outbreak of hantavirus

Epuyén a city that bored. People do not take to the streets. Neither the magnificent mountain views and the majesty of its huge lake is enough to erase the sadness.

"Friday said good-bye to a nurse women, we all like. we mourn"He told Clarin Antonio Reato, mayor of the mountain town of 4000 inhabitants located in the heart of the Parallel 42 Andean highway 40.

Hantavirus outbreak took six deaths. All residents Epuyén and belonging to the same family & # 39; and among friends. So far recorded 19 positive cases (apart from the six deceased), 8 rejected, 1 and 2 suspicious observation.

But the biggest problem of this outbreak with & # 39 is a mutation of the virus transmitted by rodents and spread from person to person. Dr. Teresa Strella said that an infection occurs "in close contact with the patients during the initial period of fever between 48 and 72 hours".

Health Ministry official was optimistic in his recent statements: "Things tend to decrease. You have to wait two incubation period for the termination of the outbreak. "

He also explained that "This us something unusual"And," we do not believe that the virus has to be more aggressive than in other seasons. Always at this time we have had cases of Hantavirus, as in other areas of the country. "He explained that"All cases were reported in the city Epuyén without registering in other cases in the area".

As confirmed by the doctors in this field, It all started on November 24 during the celebration of the birth of the teenager. There he took part in the Peschke caught cleaned house. I spread the virus to his wife and the triumph of the girls.

He and his wife have been restored. The girl died. He was 14. It was the 3 December and was the first victim. It is the satisfaction of other cases with the & # 39 appeared, so that some 50 people belonging to this circle were identified, in-kind quarantine.

With regard to the cases of isolation of Dr. Jorge Elias said They deepened the emergency measures selective isolation. "We identify each of the close contacts of positive cases and treat them in a personalized manner." He added after this time are with the type of respiratory isolation, which is carried out at home. "

Hunt with a & # 39 is a disease that occurs in rodents directly affects the airways of people and can be fatal if not treated in time.

Famous wild mice and colilargos pass, when people clear the virus through saliva, urine or feces. After drying, it is combined with the powder and conveyed by air.

Symptoms are similar to flu, such as: fever; disintegration; muscle pain; tremor; headaches; nausea; vomiting; and in some cases diarrhea, abdominal pain, or bottom of the column.

History tells us that it all began in 1996 Country Doctor in the highlands of the start of treatment in patients with overt symptoms of the flu. He ordered, in accordance with the disease. But some have died in a few days. This attracted the attention of the doctor who ordered some tests. Born Unknown: hantavirus.

Something to keep in mind the flourishing of so-called coihue cane. The heyday of this kind with a & # 39 is massive. After flowering and seed production, the plant dies. This is a natural and cyclical with a & # 39; reality occurs approximately every 70 years.

After flowering, the chain of events related to large scale environmental ecosystem, including rodents is the spread. At the moment, there is no flowering or Epuyén not around.

"It's really an extraordinary event which is determined by the flash, and is limited to a group of the city's population Epuyén» yes "does not apply or not to involve all residents Epuyén»Said Provincial Director of Pathology and Epidemiology, Teresa Strella, noting that "in other nearby places were not detected cases."

In the area there were representatives Malbrán Institute, experts in these viral diseases. With Epuyén, they told Clarin that the absolute priority of the issue was given.

Mayor Reato did not hide his surprise and sorrow. "I do not know what's going on, there are more mice than other years"He said that his folksy style. "Emotionally, we are wrong, mourning. We lost six neighbors. But we have no time to mourn. We no relief today. 40 years ago I live on this earth. I have always worked in the forests and mountains. They know that we are bored Epuyén. But still continue to fight it. "

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