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The next day in the bath is opened from another fright


today 11:06

World Cup began and its activities in Rio de Thermo Honda, on the final day of the second day.

It happened in the testing Moto3 warm up. Spanish Sergio Garcia Dols, lost control of his motorcycle and could not avoid being hit by his compatriot, Jaume MASIA, who yesterday took the pole in the category.

Both went down and hit the pavement. Fortunately, both were uninjured and returned to the pits on foot. Despite this, they have received medical care on the road and their motorcycles were badly damaged. In the 12th, the end of a long Moto3.

After a sharp fall, the doctors who examined the Sergio Garcia DOLS determined that suffers a head injury. For this reason, it should be treated in the hospital and would not head into the final Moto3. This will be his debut in the World Cup, because in Qatar can not be, because I was 15 years old. a couple of days ago, he was 16 years old, and allows you to integrate category grill. Despite the injuries, the pilot was in a good mood.

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