Thursday , February 25 2021

The player who wins $ 10 million due Fortnite

gan Ningn flank as ninjaWho? Richard Tyler Blevins, one of the most experienced players Fortnite around the world, thanks to the game of survival gan about $ 10 million in 2018 alone.

Fortnite was a furore around 2018 Gener and its profit developer $ 3 billion to build-up the game and more than 200 million users worldwide. «Ninja, who started his car & # 39; career in 2009 gamer played Halo, is now a specialist in Epic Games title.

Speaking on CNN printing, with $ 10 million, won in 2018, 70% of them correspond to the live broadcast. In addition, its channels on YouTube and Twitch (a very popular platform in the field of video games) is very successful, except for income from advertising and subscriptions, Internet users, ie, who pay to see him play.

According to some reports, your monthly income is about 500 thousand dollars, but no one acknowledges their surroundings. In addition to the items that will be streaming, Ninja participates in international competitions, which are members of various professional teams, including Cloud9 and Team Liquid. The luminosity of the currently playing for games unit, which also has a division dedicated to titles such as Call of Duty and Counter Strike.

But all is not rosy, because the child has a dream for more than just video games. Dedication, training, scheduling is applied to video games, especially given the fact that the player is 27-year-old in 2018 about 4000 hours pitcher Fortnite ISA to 12 hours each day of transmission.

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