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There are 700 students in the quarantine of measles in the United States and to accuse the movement of anti-vaccine


about 700 people allegedly for measles at two universities in California, the United States, remain under quarantine three days. Local authorities were ordered to take precautions to contain the spread of highly contagious diseases.

"Measles kills people actuallySo, we need to take this very suras & # 39; ozna, "said Dr. Armand Dorian, medical director of the Verdugo Hills Hospital in California State University (CSU). Medical experts and government officials They condemned the anti-vaccine movement responsible for the attack of measles.

And the 106 members of the administrative and teaching staff and 550 students They were asked to stay home and avoid contact with other people, Says Dorian. They were also forbidden to use public transport, including planes, trains, buses and taxis. If you need to travel due to an emergency, they should notify the health authorities. Also quarantined 30 students and employees of the University of California (University of California, Los Angeles).

The quarantine may be They have been exposed to a few weeks ago people became ill with measles in each campus.

in accordance with Department of Public Health, Los Angeles, About 90% of people who are not vaccinated against measles will be infected if they are exposed to the virus, whose most common manifestations with & # 39 are fever, cough, runny nose, and red spots on the skin.

CSU students often sleep in their own homes, while most of the students of the University of California live on campus. In this case, he was appointed sector within about 39 & # object to remain in quarantine.

Who prevented this measure? Who found that they were vaccinated. Many people think "out of danger" after demonstrating their immunity to medical records.

Quarantine is still one of the US government's most stringent measures to contain a measles outbreakAccording to official data, the number of the largest in the last 25 years is now being recorded.

president Donald Trump According to him, on Friday, that the students "They should get vaccinated. Vaccine & # 39 are very important". With this statement, he changed his position he occupied in the presidential debate in 2015, which erroneously suggested that there may be some relationship between the Vaccines and Autism.

cow parents

Although California adopted strict legislation in 2016 that prohibits the exclusion of "personal beliefs"Vaccination calendar, some parents may apply to the" unethical doctors "to avoid the new law, local media say. It may be reassuring new and dangerous outbreak of measles in the US state infectólogos argue that country.

In this kind of report about the explosion, which occurred at the beginning of 2018 "six non-vaccinated patients with measles were the parents who choose not to be vaccinated as a child"They said the researchers, led by Dr. George Han, Department of Santa Clara Public Health, San Jose, California. This outbreak began with Boy 15 unvaccinated infected with measles during a trip to the UK and took him to California. The disease quickly spread to the other through meetings at schools, events scouts and other youth activities. The outbreak would not have happened if the boys involved received vaccinations required by lawThe command Han.

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