Wednesday , January 27 2021

Thermomix’s best-selling quarantine food processor reaches shopping malls

The Thermomix food processor continues to grow in sales. Although the brand landed in May 2017 led by Beatrice Macai, during quarantine it increased sales and sold 2,736 cars from March to October, a sales record in June. Having tried his luck at Norcenter, he opened four booths in malls.

Having an assistant who grinds, heats, steams or co-videos, grinds, mixes, mixes, among other skills, is a temptation. It so happens that the value of his cash is $ 288,000 and the funding is $ 328,000 in 12 installments, which doesn’t stop cooking lovers. To promote sales the brand of robots offers, in addition to good financing, the opportunity to sell six Thermomixes and get one for free. Which allowed them to have 250 agents recruiting buyers.

Thermomix has invested $ 80,000 to attend booths at Córdoba Shopping, Nordelta Shopping, Alcorta Shopping stores that are added to the Norcenter booth. From December 15, it lands in the Punta shopping center in Uruguay. These booths are in addition to the stores that already have in Recoleta and Palermo.

Beatrice Macaia, General Manager of Thermomix Argentina and Uruguay, said: “We have entered a new phase. Now we want to continue our expansion plan in Argentina after 8 months of hard work and strengthening teams. Opening premises outside Buenos Aires will be a very interesting challenge because we believe that there is a market inside the country that so far we have only served virtually through Zoom, given the restrictions imposed by quarantine. The physical presence will bring us very close to new customers. “

Macaya exports recipe books and has started making bags, and will facilitate events at booths such as courses, workshops or classes where participants can learn about cooking and get information on how to eat properly.

In parallel, the Thermomix brand is waging a legal battle in the Commercial Court 5 of Barcelona. Its creator is demanding compensation in Lidl supermarkets for the sale of a food processor that allegedly violates the patent rights for the invention of the machine.

Thermomix’s patent is called “Kitchen Machine”, and the company believes that the supermarket plagiarized it in its kitchen robot “Monsieur Cuisine Connect” from the Silvercrest brand, for which it demands compensation in the equivalent of Lidl 10% of machine sales: the total amount is not calculated, and the judge will add a figure in the case of Lidl’s conviction as soon as the sentence is final, “the newspaper El País reported.

Faced with a competitor, Thermomix is ​​growing and adding recipes to the 60,000 that it has on its base. From Argentina, it is increasingly exporting recipes to destinations such as Mexico.

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