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They arrested two people for leaking photos of Emiliano Sala


"There's no reason to believe, the search in the morgue, and there is no reason to believe that any employee of the morgue, or any other Council staff involved in the crime, "said a spokesman for the forces, who also asked to stop to share photos on social etworks respected former football player and his family & # 39; and.

Although the identities of those arrested were not disclosed, and it was reported that This is a woman 48 years old, Corsham, who was detained on suspicion of having hacked into the computer with the material and malicious communication. other man 62 yearsFrom Calne, which is still under investigation.

Dorset Police has recognized that in the last hours of the existence of a leak in the social networks of the body photos Emiliano SalaWho were taken to the morgue in the days when it was carried out an autopsy. At the same time, they announced that an investigation has been opened to find those responsible for the broadcast.

The news was published in the British newspaper mirror: They made it clear that Image viralizaron Twitter, but it has been removed from the platform.

"We understand that the room body image shared on social networks and upset because someone did it. We are investigating the incident and working with several agencies to determine how the picture and who is responsible "Dorsey assured the power of this medium was made.

Meanwhile, they expressed concern, in remarks published from the morgue site WalesOnline"We can not understand why anyone would do something so vile and harmfulOf course, we support the police in their investigation in any way we can, and continue to provide the necessary assistance.

representative Cardiff City, The club bought the player before his death, he also spoke out against what happened: "The club expresses his disgust outrage of people who have taken and shared the image, without hesitation."

The body of the player, who was 28 years old was rescued from February 7 on a private ship hired her something & # 39; S. Immediately he was transferred to the medical examiner's office, where they determined that he died of "injuries of the head and the body." A week after this awakening process was conducted in the city of Santa Fe Progreso.

In the midst of this scandal, it is expected that in the coming months Air Crash Investigation Galina (AAIB) Disseminate the final report, which will detail the cause of the accident, which occurred on the night of January 21 while the room was traveling from Nantes to Cardiff on board a single-engine airplane with the pilot Ibbotson.

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