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They discover how actually the oldest animals on the planet watching


Scientists Australian National University (ANU), seems to have discovered that the true aspect of ancient animals found so far.

According to a study published Monday in the journal Nature, the iconic fossil Dickinsonia, for example, They do not represent the entire body organism that lives in the sea 558 million years ago, but its "skeleton" or, more accurately, and since these people were not technically skeleton, some of his most durable fabric.

"Now we know that what we see is an impression of soft organic skeleton, which may have been in any part of the body Dickinson," said lead study author Ilya Bobrowski, biochemical Australian National University. "What we are seeing, it could be Dickinsonia bottom of the inside of your body, or part of your back," he said.

Bobrowski also claims that these creatures They could, in principle, have the mouth and gills, The body that many paleontologists argue that occurred during the Cambrian period, tens of millions of years later.

Researchers who studied the fossils in collaboration with scientists from various Russian institutions, said that the opening It opens up even more opportunities in the aspect that can be these ancient sea creatures.

"These fossils are our best window into the early evolution of animals and a & # 39 are the key to an understanding of our deep roots," said Jochen Brocks, co-author of the study and associate professor of Research School of Earth Sciences Professor Anu.

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