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They found that the drug is on the market may slow cancer


April 29, 2019

A group of scientists have confirmed that the drug on the market will generate the effect of "closure and blockade" against cancer cells.

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cancer this is one of the most dangerous diseases, if not treated in time i called spread very quickly to attack other parts of the body.

team of scientists Purdue University & # 39; nd in the US He conducted tests on mice and explained that the multiplication of cells can be prevented with medication, which can be found on the market. The results were published in the journal cancer research.

preparation Fostamatinib and sold under the trade mark Tavalisse. Same for the treatment of chronic immune disease. The experiment showed the ability of the drug to inhibit protein known as "spleen tyrosine kinase" or «Syk», and in turn, cell block breast cancer metastasis preventing generated.

Solomon Beatrice again with & # 39; has appeared on television and said to her painful battle with cancer

Scientists have named this method as "closed and locked" and if your test the effectiveness of people can change the treatment of this disease. Michael Wendt explained one of the study authors, MedicalXpress"Instead of trying to destroy the cancer, as is done today, in the future can block their growth with this drug."

"Maybe we should not try to kill all the cancer cells, but keep them low in a state that does not produce any symptoms. His delays kind, so to speak "He suggested the researcher. At this point it is not known whether the drug can be effective with other types of cancer, more Wendt.

Colon cancer: a & # 39 is the second most common tumor in Argentina

fostamatinib constantly It was created as a medicament for the treatment of chronic disorders and has a low toxicityIt is therefore advisable to take for years. Since cancer can be treated and considered as a chronic disease.

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