Monday , April 12 2021

They freed the woman who hid her in Bengali dress your child to enter the monumental

His lawyer, Carlos Roitman, argues that "She never put her life in danger your child or anyone else" and that the victim, because the case has taken prominence in the media and turned the world. "It is the media and can in no way be mining issue. If a procedural issue, and the law can never be a victim, "he said.

Roitman said that manifests itself in his belly to her son 'helmets were torches, sparklers entirely "wrong" was not an active pyrotechnics. "

In the video, which went viral it can be regarded as pregnant river fan dedication several outbreaks under the shirt of his son, 6 years to introduce them to the monumental stadium in the bypass operating inspections and preventive maintenance.

After investigation, the prosecutor together with the police of the city of Buenos Aires They managed to arrest the women and raided his property in the Villa Park area.

Financial Adriana Bellavigna, head of the prosecutor's office for criminal offenses and misdemeanors number 6, initiated an investigation with the intervention of the body of judicial investigations City (TC), which belongs to the prosecutor, and the police intervened city.

With this task entrusted to the public prosecutor, the vehicle was able to recognize a woman identified as "Laura" and under 6, whose name is preserved, seen in the video, through Using the software for image processing and research tasks in open data networks and social networks.

The judicial investigation body City (TC) reached the identification of people and their homes, and provided skills to the prosecutor. With these data Bellavigna Attorney requested order.

Woman accused of committing a threat to a child's life of crime, which are obliged to protect, shall be punished by Articles 106 and 107 of the Criminal Code

The prosecutor, in cooperation with the Advisory Committee on Child Care City, requested the protection of children involved in their protection, and that the consultation in order to assess whether a child may in danger under the care of adults identified. Not only has two brothers, aged 15 to 17 years.

The problem of identification judicial investigation body, it was the key software for image processing and work with open data networks and social networks. Thus, the relay diagrams, can be detected use of the watch on the person who is the child Bengali operated on & # 39; an object seen in another frame in the social network associated with the identified.

Justice has decided not to disclose the name of the parents to protect the child's identity, which attaches Bengal.

It was as a rejection of the video in question jeopardizes women came down less than even in the international media as well as the Spanish sports daily newspapers Marca and As.

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