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They identified four shelters with "Treasures of Kirchner" in Rio Gallegos – 03/31/2019


four of "Dead Man's Bluff treasure" Kirchner in Rio Gallegos and identified justice through the confession counter Victor Manzanares, while trying to fifth place and explores what happened to the keys, which are covered by other suitcases, bags or boxes armored why a fight broke out on Wednesday, Nestor Kirchner, after his death in October 2010.

The history of "hidden treasures" Rio Gallegos, started in 2005, when Daniel Muñoz, personal secretary Nestor asks Manzanares, if you can save money on "a few days a few bags and backpacks, for reasons of security." It was about between about 15 and 20, bags and backpacks, which vane counter, Naïve to said counter comprising bags and Munoz replied "Silver, Polo … will it be?", Then, Muñoz asked if he had to work with him and doubt he wants to add a "train passes only once." Manzanares took and put bags and backpacks "in the attic of my house and I kept it until I again asked Daniel. "The bags were closed, Muñoz gave the keys, but they were not all the bags. were "Between 20 and 30 million dollars, and euro bills"A few months later, he presented a safe that was in the Bank of San Cruz, where he kept the money, he said in his confession Manzanares prosecutor Carlos Stornelli, approved last week a federal judge Claudio Bonadio.

Four "hide and seek" Discovered Manzanares was in the attic of his home, another office personal secretary, Roberto Sosa, located at 952 Avenue Kirchner, part of living in the Mac Taibo 740 and the house of the former president's mother is located at 25 de Mayo.

Black Silver brought Daniel Munoz, usually by air, from the residence of Olivos or department Kirchner Street Juncal, where 87 black money supply were made more than 69 million, according to a laptop Oscar Centeno driver Roberto Baratta. these shelters NO These include deposit, which was in the house Kirchner in El Calafate, as well as rooms and other places where you saved the silver Lazaro Baez.

After this first agreement, when Munoz arrived at the airport in Rio Gallegos, Manzanares attended the runway is currently with his VW Passat 2.0 was very large trunkHe parked his car near the presidential airplane Tango 01, whose pilot Sergio "El Potro" Velasquez, or in a private jet, which used personal secretary Kirchner. Munoz fell almost always two large suitcases, which were placed in the trunk, In some cases, they went to the house where his mother Kirchner lived on the street May 25, Maria Juana Ostoic Dragnic, who died in 2013, parked at the gate, Munoz unloaded bags "where sometimes they have opened the door for someone his inter & # 39 ; er, sometimes Muñoz had the keys "Manzanares stayed in the car for about 30 minutes of waiting ,. Muñoz.

Munoz loaded into the car in the direction of a phone call reporting that "I have fulfilled my mission." From there, they were office located at 952 Avenida Kirchner, who had put on behalf of the Secretary Roberto Sosa -Even where private Munoz left a backpack or a bag in the closet. Each bag contained about 2000000, In this office " He closed the door furniture made of wood and containing the ship at a safe built. It was a long box, which had around the office, and furniture to cover up. "And there was a" closet made with screened material ", which itself Manzanares had a key. The rest of the keys" Sosa and Munoz were. "In this closet It has always been "between 3 or 4 bags of cash dollars." This property has been sold at the time of Daniel Muñoz, after Nestor's death, he decided to withdraw all the money from the south to invest about $ 130 million in the company in Argentina and take 70 million uS properties to check, including an apartment in the famous hotel Plaz a in New York.

Manzanares made that the dynamic between five or six times until Munoz said his fear of possible theft. So I was replaced by Roberto Sosa.

When Nestor Kirchner died on October 27, 2010, the last to arrive in El Calafate was Munoz. "He carried with him the keys of the treasuresWho were the places where the money is kept. Daniel told me that he felt disgust and revulsion in the face of people who went to look for them at the airport, especially (Osvaldo) Sanfelice, greed, showing the keys. "

In 2016, when he left the investigation Papers Panama, Cristina Kirchner asked Manzanares knew about it, and he said that Munoz moved a day earlier on their investments abroad. Answer «Cristina was & # 39; Con reason so long to get back my keys to the apartment in Uruguay street." From the point of view of the Manzanares "contradiction between Christina of treasure keys and that Munoz told me that handed over the keys on the day of Nestor's death, I conclude, that someone who has received the keys Muñoz They did not return immediately to Cristina".

Other "treasure vault" It was a gallon Mack crows located in Rio Gallegos 740If in 2016, Roberto Sosa was kidnapped and severely beaten by criminals who knew the movements of black silver, he asked Manzanares as a grace that "occupy something special." In this composition, which had three Manzanares passkey, where things were stored in an abandoned house type "It was the bathroom, which was tapeadoIt was pretty girl access puertita, in front of the car. "There, "I worked as a gigantic deposit of money", This reform "recognizes me architect Luis Guzhino, years ago, as is done in it. Guzhino I turn, showing Sos, to gain access to this site. "Guzhino then" sent the builder and general contractor, as well as to reform this place. "This booth was sold, as illustrated Carolina Pochetti, widow Muñoz in July 2017. At the Comodoro Py they wonder if the phrase Munoz in the sense that the black silver was handled as a "sink full of silver," it will be the fifth store has not yet been found.

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