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They warn of a deception campaign that spreads through Whatsapp – The Ancasti


Security researchers warn that informtica messages circulating through Whatsapp offer access to a variety of colors to adjust the application is actually a deception, which secretly installs a trojan and full of advertising affected phones.

Whatsapp color change, he says, that the message came from a known contact, and has a bond that reacts differently used in accordance with the application from your phone or computer.


WhatsApp for access to the Internet from your computer by clicking on the link to the person proposed to install the extension Google Chrome, which is called Black Theme for Whatsapp, allowing the application to change to a darker color.

In this case, the victim automatically sends a message to the entire list of active chats, which invites you to change the color of the application, they explained an expert from the Slovak company Eset in a statement.

Whatsapp even if the user knows what's going on, and closes the browser window, the action does not stop, because the phone itself, which sends messages.

If the link should be from the phone instead, a message that the user will be asked to share the app with friends 30 or 10 groups to achieve the possibility of changing color with the & # 39 is.

In addition, you will be prompted to download an application called best_video.apk, activating message from a server located in Russia.

If a potential victim let all this happens, the cell phone infected the Trojan family, extending from the advertising Android users, the researchers say.


This malicious program is installed on your phone, but do not leave any traces ningn, as the concealment of the cone and are included only when the person begins to swim, and displays advertising banners of the victim, using its own resources,

To spread the company, the company's anti-virus never recommend access lines coming from any digital media, even if we get through a known contact, without asking Wed consciously.

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