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They warn of a deception campaign that spreads through Whatsapp



security researchers
warned computer
circulating WhatsApp
access offer
different colors to adjust
in addition,
It is actually a deception
secretly install "Trojan"
and flit about the & # 39; ads
victims' phones.

"Color change
Whatsapp, ¬ęsays a message
that comes from
Of course, the contact, and is
link that responds differently
Depending on the application
phone or
from the computer.


In the case of access
WhatsApp webs
computer following
link inviting person
to install the extension
Google Chrome, challenge
Black Theme for Whatsapp,
that will change
Appendix to the color

In this case, the "victim"
automatically sends
Message full list
active chat rooms in which he invites
application, they explained
company experts
Eset Slovak

Even if the user
Whatsapp understands
what is happening and
closes the browser window
Online, the action is not out of & # 39 is
He stopped, because it is very
the sending phone

If you want to instead of
link on the phone's display
message that
It prompts the user
Share applications
30 or 10 groups in front of friends
opportunity to achieve
color change.

In addition, you will be prompted
download the app
It called best_video.apk,
that active notification
from a server
in Russia.

"If the potential victim
Let everything happen
above, cell phone
He will be infected
family of Trojans
which is distributed between advertising
Android users, "said they


This malicious application
installed on the phone
But he did not leave any traces,
since hiding icon
and only activated when
a person begins to sail,
and shows the "victim"
advertising banners,
all using
their own resources.

The appeal
the company, the company
he recommended antivirus
"Never Access Link
They come at any
digital media, including
If we get through
Contact the famous "
without first
if you send out deliberately.

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