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This is a healthy (and strange) way of eating broccoli


Because of its properties and benefits for the body, Broccoli food that more and more people to include in your dietIf you are one of them, you should know that in the form of preparation of broccoli You can deduct the quality, so it is very important that you know how it affects the cooking. Chinese scientists team discovered What is a healthy way of cooking broccoliSo take note. Yes, I expect that this method is not very soon, so you have to be patient.

We have many reasons to consume this duper fashion. He is known for having great nutritional options such as prevent cancer, protect against degenerative and cardiovascular diseases, improvement of bone and skin, prevent inflammation or promote good bowel health.

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However, to make the most of all its qualities, it is important to know how to eat properly. According to research conducted in 2011, we need to consume the entire plant, not just in the form of capsules or dietary supplement format and so we eat more sulforaphane, a chemical linked to cancer prevention. This is because this compound is not present as such in broccoli, but formed when the glucosinolate react with an enzyme called myrosinase released when vegetable damaged or cut.

problem with cooked broccoli This is something that, as they have shown a variety of scientific studies, conventional cooking methods such as boiling or microwaving, in fact, reduce the amount of glucosinolates in vegetables and myrosinase is also sensitive to heat. For this reason, healthy way to & # 39; eat broccoli rawAlthough it is not the most appetizing.

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Chinese scientists have searched method of cooking broccoli allowing tastier subtraction minimum. According to its results, it is best to cut the vegetables into small pieces (with cuts myrosinase released) and let stand for 90 minutes, Then roasted to boil for 4 minutes. If you do not have much time, the researchers say, that at least 30 minutes rest will be helpful to have a more sulforaphane.

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