Friday , June 25 2021

three positive cases were confirmed Hantavirus – BODY

Minister of Health of Chubut, Adrian Pike, confirmed on Wednesday that before the age of 14 years in Epuyén city, who died over the weekend was the victim of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, which amounted to three positive cases of this disease, which according to the National Institute of Infectious Diseases "Carlos Malbrán "samples have been sent.

"In the afternoon we received confirmation that the only deceased patient tested positive in the analysis, so that the two confirmed cases are currently three" is explained in dialogue with official bodies chubutense.

The Ministry of Health through the statement of the direction of Pathology and Epidemiology was today at 8 increased the number of "suspected cases", which were originally processed using a compatible box to the Hantavirus, which is now known to assert with confidence that the three positive and negative, of which there is a fatal case and rebuild the rest.

Hunt with a & # 39 is a disease of low prevalence but high mortality (death rate reaches 50-60% of cases), as well as to strengthen the prevention of the provincial Ministry of Health has submitted a number of recommendations aimed at tourists and locals ridge.

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