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To stop would be difficult to get around the city and there will be marches – 04/29/2019


It does not have a formal nod from the CGT and the government, in the end maneuvering to take a hit, issued compulsory conciliation in various sectors. However, the double whammy Tuesday i environment You will notice in the basic services and leave the political message.

Union fractured, opening tironeos around challenges looms as fragility factor but at the same time it is what ultimately extend the duration of the strike.

In two shifts, the Moyano and CTA stop on Tuesday 30 with the mobilization including public organizations, while the Argentina Confederation of Transport Workers (CATT) paralyze the sector on May 1. There will be no trains, subways, buses, airplanes and boats.

These two measures will, in the manner and at the bottom, different matrices:

# 30-A. More policy, Moyano and CTA, with claims for economic policy of the Government Mauricio Macri, and with a strong profile of the enemy as defined in electoral terms. These sub & # 39; # & objects 39 are part of the largely political system that revolves around the Cristina Kirchner. The dynamics of the protest, although it will affect the banks, collection and waste generation will be more outside: there will be, on Tuesday, a series of demonstrations and rallies that will make movement in Buenos Aires, if not impossible, very difficult.

# 1-M. Over the Labor Court, the convening of the CATT is the root of wages and, therefore, it is Labor Day, which is a & # 39 is a holiday. Juan Carlos Schmid explained: "Working on May 1 leaving their seven & # 39; and then do not charge anything, because it takes all the profits, not serving us any good", According to the CATT, on Wednesday complete shutdown of services like passenger trains, buses and airplanes.

On Monday, the Ministry of Labor made an attempt, almost desperate, for dynamite unemployment: he issued a compulsory conciliation with at least seven unions; Guild Apļa pilots, UPSA, APA (Intercargo), Federation of seaport security and safety of air navigation (ATEPSA), Argentina Actors Association (AAA) and the Union of the movie industry (SICA).

However, 350 flights are suspended are not resumed. Since the government was transferred to the trade unions must fulfill, but the unions have ignored or not given informed authorization.

On Tuesday, when the CTA stop, the trucker and the guild enlisted in this union, will travel complication due to the lack of subways, as well as urban and intercity transport.

Although, UTA went on strike on Wednesday they decided to turn some of the lines based on Tuesday.

Columns Frente Sindical, Truckers as CTA and organizations are beginning to focus on different parts of the city during the Tuesday morning and will meet at 13 am in the Plaza de Mayo to give an end to the protest of the day, In addition, they have announced that they will be installed "300 soup kitchens," on Wednesday, May 1.

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How to manage services on April 30

collective: They will serve, although some lines will be added to the measure.

metro: will not serveSince Metrodelegados adhere to the strike.

trains: Railway Union (UF) West Branch Sarmiento railway with & # 39 is the only one who joined the strike because It is assumed that the normal operation of the service.

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flights: of freedom delays and cancellation of some Therefore, the Association of Airline Pilots (APLA), which leads Paul Biro, also adds to the strike.

In fact, Aerolineas Argentinas canceled its flights on Tuesday. They are about 350 domestic and international flights affecting 22,000 passengers who already have available the possibility to change their tickets for other dates or destinations for 30 days on the same route by which they were purchased.

This measure also affects the LATAM flights. As the company reported that those who had bought tickets for that day may move their flights through the application LATAM or call 0810-9999-526.

Freight and garbage disposal: Truckers from & # 39 is one of the organizers of the trade union, as There will be no garbage, fuel consumption, fuel consumption, mail, water and soft drinks, Among others.

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In addition, on Tuesday There will be no classes in many public schools because of the CTERA supports the strike. At the same time, they will only work in hospitals, security services and banks are trying to open, but only with the senior staff, in accordance with the statement on financial institutions, although it did not confirm this.

Sergio Palazzo, Secretary General of the Banking Association, moved on Tuesday to join the strike, called by Moya "for the government to change its economic policy."

According to stretch the National Social Security Administration (Anses) advanced payments to pensioners date.

General transport strike on May 1

Argentina Confederation of Transport Workers (CATT), headed by Juan Carlos Schmid called transport strike on Wednesday, May 1, when the day with & # 39 is marked.

The transport strike will be complete, as there will be a subway, trains, buses and planes.

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"Working on May 1 leaving their seven & # 39; and then do not charge anything, because it takes all the profits, and not serve us any good," Schmid said horn.

CATT on the & # 39 brings together all the unions in the sector as colectiveros short, medium and long-haul origin of the atoms; La Fraternidad Machinists, port services, aviation guild Aeronavegantes and trucker.

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