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Today, mainly in the San Juan with a national reading | chronicle


on Damian Juarez

Peronists Sergio UNACGovernor of San Juan, refer to the STEP, which takes place this Sunday in his province have achieved victories that his position in the country.

If this poll number is not out of order, UNAC is imposed by a squad today cuyana elections Province. In the previous he was a great advantage change candidate Marcelo OrregoWhile the third place spot Martin Turcumán.

Orrego chose another name, this time to his forehead, and not let the changes (as it was in 2015), the armed opposition front with you, who will bid tomorrow or gubernatorial candidate. It consists of the parties in the last election were they ruling coalition level nacioanl: Production and Labor Party (Roberto Basualdo) UCR and acting municipal level.

Orrego. Front With You, which in 2015 changed him.

with & # 39 are the remaining two candidates for governor Nancy Avelyn by Renovadora Crusade, and Gustavo FernandezFor the dignity of the person.


More than 500,000 sanjuaninos say "present" in the elections today. The area comes in the form of a large survey of heading to the polls in June, as each group presented a single candidate. So that PASO will not work in this case, to exclude a candidate for governor, but to see how high each in the preview of the final vote.

The annex to the governor of the category, and were elected candidates, the mayor and city council.

wide margin

Today UNAC to play to win by a wide margin of more than 50% – that will serve as a springboard to the national scene. He managed to & # 39; to combine support for his re-election from different sectors in the Justicialist Front All, which also includes bloquismo and thirteen political parties, in the list that is his partner, Finance Minister, Roberto Gattoni.

The governor was next lately Roberto Laban and Marcelo Tinelli.

TV entertainer visited a few days ago, and praised his management, while in respect of Laban, UNAC ran directly as a possible candidate for the vice.

Governor elections in San Juan will be June 2 before closing the national lists. Nothing to & # 39; is random. UNAC dream of a big win, which puts him in the presidential elections to October.

He has in his background, winning in 2017 and maintains relations with kirchnerismo oiled Peronist governors league. Its low profile allows it will not play any of the sectors in conflict.

Laban and Tinelli and made him nod UNAC. Former Minister of Economy was in San Juan in February and Tinelli week ago, as part of his tour of the different parts of the country.

"The country has an unemployment rate of 9 percent, while in San Juan is only 3%. Here is a very good run, and it shows that it is very important "He praised Tinelli to tour a few days ago the province.

UNAC has returned an alternative kindness armed Peronism, when he stated in his recent reports that Laban "This is very interesting, offers international recognition, has the experience and political vision: I think he can about the & # 39; to unite the various sectors that might otherwise not be".

UNAC triumph may be the first award, which Laban may secretly hung facing his possible candidacy. It would be a Peronist victory and obviously not an economist K. raised his media profile, but now insists that he does not specify whether it will be a candidate. Times will shorten and determination when it comes.

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