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Valeria Lynch starred in a blooper in the return «Showmatch» and has been all the rage in social networks


Blooper Valeria Lynch in «Showmatch» (Video: El Trece)

they were seven minutes of airWith stunning visual display, twenty dancers and 17 female voices of the most prominent national scene who contributed their voices mega opening of the first program Showmatch 2019And this music is almost a tribute Marcelo Tinelli "Women who have a & # 39 are the protagonists of these cultural changes," he would say in his speech, he further One of the highlights of the night.

Patricia Sosa It was the first to go on the stage of the game "The Deputy", The mice Parade, Classic Videomatch He abstracted again and again been made. they followed Marcelo Morel and Rocio Quiroz. Sandra Mihanovichi He filled the studio with La Corte gunAs his name in the jargon of those voices that monopolize all. and Gata Varela. Lucius Gala. Florencia wiped. Hilda Lizarazu. Kant Fabian and many others, making songs phyto Paes (as "Roll of Life") and Sandro ("I have"), Among several others.

This is treading a very strong point, but in fact it was a television studio, Valeria came on foot from the bottom, squeezing through the dancers. But without seeing one of them returned, he finished shut Valery retreat. Or & # 39 is the reaction of the singer? Let's clean the craft! Right hand to soften the blow and went on his way, and song-, as if nothing had happened.

The moment was invisible for most viewers, but not in the social networks, which echo the circumstances. Stressing gesture Lynch just moves when a coup, but acts as a sounding board, and makes it the first blooper Showmatch 2019This program became famous three decades ago with the famous bloopers, justmante. In the end, they could not miss!

Music from the 17 artists (Video: "Showmatch" El Trece)

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