Friday , December 4 2020

Vélez Nazarene said John Darthés and destroyed

Actress and Nazarena VélezHe showed how he worked with the actor, who is accused of rape Thelma Fardin, when she was 16 years old.

Nazarena Vélez He said he has worked with Juan Dartesom. Nazarena Velez told how has worked with Juan Dartesom.

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"Which of Thelma Fardin paralyzed us all," and began Nazarena Velez mobile with chronic HD Monday. "I can not believe that this man (John Darthés) with & # 39 is home to many complaints, we must mobilize equity, with reports coming years. We listen to different women it and no one did anything, "he said.

In addition, he said that he worked with Darthés "I had to make a parade and event management, and I was like Pageboy … more, It was a slippery guy who makes you feel uncomfortable. Ponele, he got me a microphone and says: "Strength is good, more" and I touched her hand. And you say, "What a jerk who Sos She was there man begins to feel bad and think.." Able, because you have tight pants … "Or is it a thing that comes to you well, and says. "What a rich flavor that you have. It was more than that, this is annoying, but it does not make any comparison".

As for the paradigm shift that is going public, Velez said, "We do not want to look as if we Var & # 39; yatskiya. You have to talk a lot, and with a baby boy. From how to treat a woman that "the eyes that make you what you are doing and what you do with your classmates." We must think about the family & # 39; u ", he published DiarioShow.

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daughter, Nazarena, Barbie, was one of the first to denounce the medial and justice have suffered gender-based violence, and the mother said: "Barbie, like many other women who have been affected, whether they are alive by chance. Kicker one step away from being a killer. After reading the complaint and the experience of the doctor, who said that she was strangled, that guy did not punch to the community and continues to initiate legal proceedings, despite the doctor says otherwise. Barbie after Thelma is 100% mobilized ".

He watches the video statements!

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