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Volkswagen introduced its new range of bicycles


Motivada common complication movement in major cities of the world fleet growth and seeks to change to a more sustainable model, the Volkswagen decided to develop its own line of bicycles as an alternative for everyday transport, it is supported by many cases for more infrastructure for cyclists who are in several cities throughout the world.

Argentina and Buenos Aires, in particular, from the & # 39 is an exception to this transport is most often chosen by users. That is why the German brand has recently introduced its new range of bicycles, which consists of four models:

Urbana (UR01): it is designed for short-distance travel, holiday or for transportation. Box grounded aluminum box 28 and Shimano 7-speed.

made bicycle

Folding (fo01): parts allow to bend and leave them in a more compact size. It rolling 20 inches in diameter and 7 Shimano speed gearbox. Folding bikes can be uploaded to public transport and can be stored in the offices or departments where ordinary bicycle can not enter. These features make it easier method of multimodal transport (bicycles and public transport).

Mountain biking: available in two variants, rolled aluminum frame 29. The upper end (MB02) has Shimano system 27 velocity changes. Hydraulic brake system and high quality bicycles, type of products requires professionals.

Recently, four models were exhibited at Expoagro and will be available across the dealership network of the brand in the second half of this year. In this regard, Martin Seybold, Corporate Sales Manager Post Volkswagen Argentina, said: "Our bikes VW will help us to strengthen more and more the work of awareness and commitment to road safety and sustainable mobility."

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