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"We want to go as quickly as possible ': details of the suspension of the match Argentinos in Venezuela


Credit: Press Argentinos Juniors

The first impression is that the campus was on his arrival in Venezuela was empty route, dark. Eighty kilometers from El Vigia airport Juan Pablo Pérez Alfonzo and Merida, bulbs or people. Positive signals nothing. But something was still missing: in the morning, the players and coaching staff of the Argentine antichavista heard the news of the uprising and the subsequent suspension of the party had to play Thursday against Estudiantes de Mérida. Date first wheel

South American Cup

(Bicho advantage in the series 2-0) still does not expire and will not be at all easy to find a gap in the calendar. "The idea is to get out of here as soon as possible," admitted Alejandro Roncoroni, Argentina's Secretary General, in dialogue with TyCSports.

"We arrived yesterday, and today we woke up to the news that the game was supendido and the idea is to get out of here as quickly as possible. For logical and understandable issues that we want to return to the Argentinos Cup matches can be found Super League ", he added the leader. He said that they are waiting for contacts with the Venezuelan guards, to see if they provide an opportunity to move Merida to go training.

"Currently, they cut tires burning streets and many people. We do not influence us to stay, because we, as a country, but if we train it is impossible. The idea is to return as soon as possible. The original plan was to return Friday. we have a plane at the airport, it is a charter flight. We just need to permit the flight and arrive in El Vigia airport Juan Pablo Pérez Alfonso, "concluded Roncoroni.

"We arrived at the airport last night, and two hours of micro, with a large number of detention in a dark way to the hotel. In fact, it was a trip he had to live, "said coach Diego Dabove Argentinos, in a note to the radio network. "This is a very narrow path between the mountains, with the absolute darkness, and does not see anyone. we traveled with the military police and forth. we walked very slowly, because it is a dangerous way, except that ugly very narrow. But he came good. it is rare to come and play here, "he added.

Comparison between Estudiantes de Mérida and Argentinos Juniors to play this Thursday with 17. So far, CONMEBOL has not given any details about the restructuring.

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