Monday , April 12 2021

Why Fyodor Bal missed filing season? | DiarioShow

notable lack of Federico Bal in the presentation of the summer season in Mar del Plata, which was held at the Colon Theater, he lit all alarms. Rumors never have enough, and said that his son Carmen Barbieri and santiago Bal He went, not to interfere with his former partners, Laurita Fernandez and Barbie Veles.

In an interview with & # 39; u "Angels in the morning," said the actor, it really happened "There were several reasons why I decided not to go. First, he worked for a time with my father, we went on the script. The second reason is that we believe that this magazine is the best representative for women, so we decided that they were not, neither my father nor Bicho Gomez or".

Fedi Bal with his father and his mother, Guillermo Marin and Carlos Rottemberg.

"And besides, it is clear, the truth is that there was nothing to desire to meet people and then leave a note. I, frankly, I'm telling you the truth, I feel. But note ends with why I did not go "He added.

In the end he said: "I put in the balance, and I asked: "What I prefer to say? I did not go and ask why not go. Or that I went and met her and the other … ". I'm at a point that does not go hand in scandal. It was the year that I was distanced from television and scandals".

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