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Why it was so dark, the last episode of "Game of Thrones"


the last episode game of thrones where Stark and Targaryen fought against the king of the night and the White Walkers had been, for many, a disappointment. As it happens, using a script or performances, but because, sometimes, the audience could not see the pictures clearly.

Were epic moments "Long Night" as the episode that had been hidden in the shadows called. Sometimes characters were indistinguishable, merged with complete darkness and could not guess what was going on on the screen.

But apart from that, it seems that there were some technical problems that plagued evaluate the aesthetics raised. This means that some issues prevented really see the different shades of gray and black, how he was raised.

Of course, this episode was recorded using the latest technology and the master copies were pictures with crisp colors and the desired accuracy. But the end result did not reach the screen so viewers.

What happens when you want to compress the streaming video using compression codec. Otherwise, he will not be able to transmit information on the Internet, if the hyper function quickly able to transmit 200 megabytes per second connection. How that today it is not possible, you should compress the video.

A codec is a system which, by hardware or software (or combinations thereof) capable to encode or decode the signal or a digital data stream. Most codecs lead to data loss while reducing the size of the contents.

This data loss can affect the color and brightness. If the image is too dark, as it happened in the last episode, it is possible that different shades may not be reflected accurately.

What is happening is called banding Color or striping instead to reflect natural transitions between different shades strip creates abrupt changes between shades of the same color. In conclusion, the image seen with blur and in this case, the dark spots were visualized without definition or precise contours.

However, this problem can be solved by compressing or at least improved if optimized throughput. According to the analysis Devin Coldeway, the note published in TechCrunch"The increase in flow capacity from the & # 39 is expensive, as are brought to the tens of millions of people: a. Increase the data rate is large enough to change the quality and significantly increase the costs of their data," he added that, by doing this, it can lead errors in reproduction.

"It is even possible that HBO lower data rate due to network restrictions: game of thrones It really pushes the boundaries of digital distribution, "he said.

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